Airport Entry Permit


Airport Entry Permit
Topics: Visa, Passport and Official Documents
Audience: Business, Government Employees

Airport Entry Permit is given to the airport staff or anyone who needs access to the airport for business needs. The permit is also given to ministries, agencies, institutions and companies contracting with the airport’s management to execute a specific job.


Follow these steps to apply for an entry permit:

♦ Download the application form.
♦ Attach a copy of your ID (Qataris).
♦ Attach copies of passport and residence visa (Residents).
♦ Attach a recent personal photo
♦ Attach a letter from the employer directed to Airport Security Department mentioning the reasons for the permit.
♦ Submit your application and required documents to Airport Security Department.

Additional Information:

♦ The fees of the permit are QR10 per day, QR50 per month or QR300 per year. Fees should be paid via a credit card.
♦ Seal and signature of the authorized person based on the establishment card issued by the Expatriates Affairs Department.
♦ If an annual or certain permit is required, a personal number shall be obtained.
♦ In case the personal number is not provided, a nominal one will be issued to the applicant in accordance with his official documents as in the cases of visitors, GCC nationals and travel documents holders. This process is to be completed by means of the competent employee.
♦ The reviewer shall be legally responsible for the delay of the service if the provided information is incorrect.

Download Form

Please submit your application along with the required documents to Airport Security Department.

Hours of Operation

Phone: + 974 44330000

Fax: + 974 44322927