QIIB Signs New Partnership with KidzMondo Doha

Doha-Qatar, 8th March 2016: QIIB has signed a partnership agreement with KidzMondo Doha, Qatar’s one-of-a-kind miniature edutainment city, adding yet another fun and educative activity to the entertaining learning experience that the unique indoor theme park, which is set to open at the mall of Qatar, aims to foster in young minds.

The partnership and signing ceremony took place at the Hilton Hotel Doha, and was attended by Mr. Abdulbasit Ahmed A. Al Shaibei, QIIB Chief Executive Officer; Mr. Moutaz Al Khayyat, CEO of UCC; Mr. Ali Kazma, Chairman of KidzHolding S.A.L. and Founder of the KidzMondo concept; Mr. Shem Krey, Managing Director for Mall of Qatar; Mr. Nabil R. Barakat, General Manager of KidzMondo Doha; and Mr. Sari Salibi, Group Chief Marketing Officer of Power Holding.

From QIIB attendees were also; Mr. Jamal Abdullah Al-Jamal, Deputy CEO; Mr. Ali Al-Mesaifri, Chief, HR and General Services; and Mr. Masson Mohammed Al-Asfar, Chief of Corporate Banking.

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Through its partnership with QIIB, KidzMondo Doha will offer kids an opportunity to enact dream roles as employees and customers of a bank and get an understanding of the functioning of financial environments. Children will be exposed to banking activities such as opening their own bank account, how to cash checks and how to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts or ATM machines. These activities are age-appropriate and are held in a dynamic and safe surrounding.

Mr. Abdulbasit Ahmed A. Al Shaibei QIIB Chief Executive Officer said on the occasion of signing the new partnership agreement, “This partnership is a part of our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives at QIIB, and we are happy to be able to give our children something to learn from, in an exciting and entertaining

environment suitable for their age. In fact, KidzMondo’s innovative approach to provide banking information to children encouraged us and gave us an important opportunity to disseminate the principles of Islamic Banking principles and educate the new generation about this subject”.

“I believe that education within an entertaining framework is what we need and if we provide innovation, excitement and interaction along with it, we will be able to offer our children a beautiful experience to enjoy, and we are extremely happy to contribute to providing a smile on their faces and equipping them with knowledge.” Mr. Al-Shaibei said.

“At QIIB, we have always been seeking leadership in the banking sector and we were able to achieve, Praise be to God, our ambitions to a significant extent. However, we seek, through our partnership with KidzMondo Doha, to achieve leadership in serving an important and essential segment of our community, which are the children who represent hope and the future. Thus, we ask God to inspire us to make the best of the appropriate available means in order to teach and educate our children,” the QIIB CEO said.

On the occasion, Mr. Ali Kazma, Chairman of KidzHolding S.A.L. and Founder of the KidzMondo concept commented:

“We are excited about our latest partnership with Qatar International Islamic Bank as KidzMondo Doha further expands its array of fun and educative role-play activities for kids. These activities will help promote social, cognitive, psychomotor and emotional development in children, and we are proud to be doing so with an esteemed partner that is built on the pillars of trust, family and commitment.”

Mr. Nabil R. Barakat, the General Manager of KidzMondo Doha said:

“Today is a very special day for KidzMondo Doha as we have joined forces with QIIB to enhance our concept even more. This locally designed strategy will make children feel at home when engaging with our activities, which is why we are regularly introducing new activities to bring in innovation and a sense of newness.”

Also on the occasion, Mr. Shrem Krey, Managing Director for Mall of Qatar, commented:

“Mall of Qatar is proud and pleased to have KidzMondo Doha as an anchored tenant. It will benefit the mall as a major attraction where children and parents will spend a lot of their time. On behalf of Mall of Qatar, we support KidzMondo Doha and will assist in facilitating the cooperation and partnership between KidzMondo Doha and our tenants who are interested in sponsoring the various establishments in KidzMondo Doha. Congratulations to them and QIIB for their latest partnership, we are looking forward to and patiently waiting for the opening in Mall of Qatar.”

The indoor entertainment park, with its own economy, currency (the Kidlar), public services, and establishments, has been designed to provide a holistic experience to unlock imagination and creativity in children, while empowering them with knowledge, essential skills and life-lessons that help them become well-versed individuals and prepare them for the professional world of adults, in an interactive and entertaining way.