28 Apr 2018 – 10:44

QU students hold ‘Interactive Teaching’ symposium

By Radwa Elattar / The Peninsula

DOHA: A group of female students of “To Make It Visible’ campaign from Qatar University (QU), recently organised  a symposium titled “Interactive Teaching” as a new method in the educational process.

The new teaching method includes multimedia such as documentary films, educational materials, educational electronic games permanently in the educational process in the Primary and Preparatory schools.

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The event, held at Qatar University, was attended by a number of professors, in addition to the participation of students from different disciplines. Dr  Mohammed Osman (pictured), psychology professor at College of Education (QU), said that “faculty members in the College of Education at QU emphasize that during teaching it is necessary to use all the senses to communicate the information with students in a way to make it stay for a long time in their minds.”

He added that it is scientifically proven that using different multimedia in teaching and learning process helps students to keep the information for a long time because it is in visual form that they easily observe and remember. Students who learn and practice in the laboratory enjoy and remember well what they have done compared to students who only listen to information.

For his part, Amr Al-Sharqawi  provided a simple presentation of idea that exists during the design of an advertisement, and that the idea of advertisement should be unique to remember even after a long time.The picture plays an important role in forming a permanent idea, so this campaign is a good idea because if we can simplify the curriculum to children through cartoon characters they like, it will help a lot in retaining the information more in their minds,” he added.

Other speakers at the symposium were impressed by the idea of the campaign, stressing that through its implementation, education in the Qatari society and the Arab countries is improving, hoping that it becomes permanent in the system and not a graduation project.