The court of Madinah also known as the criminal court of Madinah gave a driver heavy punishment. The crime for which the driver was sentenced to a serious punishment by the criminal court of Madinah was raping a woman. Rape is one of the severe and extreme crimes ever considered in a society. Besides this, the driver took pictures of the woman and the reason for taking pictures was to blackmail her in future.  The driver was a Saudi national who was around thirty years old. Being a driver, his mode of the job was to provide transportation facility for female teachers which mean that he had to make sure to drop every female teacher in time to work and home with safety. The driver dropped all the other teachers to their home and the last female was made the target. The Saudi driver did this shameful act and crime after seducing her into his apartment.

He got punishment for five years in prison with thousand lashes. The Saudi driver approached the court to appeal against the previous court proceedings. After this, the new conviction came in which it was ordered to give the toughest punishment to the person who committed rape. The driver started blackmailing and demanding money from the victim. He also gave threats that he will share her pictures publicly if she does not pay him the demanded amount. The female who suffered from sexual assault and was the rape victim was thirty-six-year-old. Her profession was teaching. She used to go to work and home by the Saudi driver’s transport service. All the teachers should be respected around the globe and such shameful act should not occur with anyone in future.


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The teacher revealed the whole incident that happened with her to the respective Commission. The concerned commission was the commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV). The officers working in the commission called it HAIA. The main function of this commission is to assure legal protection of rights. The commission also ensures that every person in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia respects Islamic rules and values.

To prove her claims against the driver, the teacher provided fifteen pieces of evidence to the court. The commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) did an investigation and found the teacher’s pictures in the driver’s cell phone. They also discovered that the driver was a drug addict. The Bureau of Investigation and Public Prosecution charged him with various crimes which included sending threats and warning messages, addiction to drugs, working as a driver for female teachers without the license and misguiding the concerned authorities by giving false information about his address.

The appeals court sent back the case to the criminal court with the message to give him maximum punishment per the intensity of the crime. In a nutshell, the most possible serious and toughest punishment must be given for this crime. This is how it will be a lesson for all the criminals in future to avoid such act.