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His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, today, honored the winners of the 12th Marmi International Falconry and Hunting Festival tournaments, at the festival site in Sobkh Marmi in Sailin.
The honor followed the conclusion of the field tournaments today by conducting the final of the Challenge Threat Championship between 52 Shaheena and Zajil Abdullah Fakhro, where Mr. Hamad Jaber Hamad Al-Mankhs won the final of the Challenge Group’s first group morning, and won a Lexus car, while Salem Ali Al-Marri won the same prize for the second group.
Ali Saleh Al-Sinnari Al-Juhaish won the prize of 100,000 riyals for his hunting directly after the first winner.
His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, the sponsor of the festival, crowned the winners of the Marmi Festival championships, which began on the first of January.
Representatives of the Ras Laffan Social Media Program were also honored for their outstanding contribution to supporting the heritage of falconry in the State of Qatar and sponsoring the Ras Laffan Falconry Championship during 2019 and 2020.
During the ceremony, which was held amidst strict precautionary measures, the winners of a championship that threatened the challenge with an amount of 100,000 riyals were crowned in order according to the final draw, and they are:Al-Bairaq team won five places, Muhammad Salem Al-Qashouti, Hamad Jaber Al-Mankhs got two, Rashid Issa Al-Misifri, Mubarak Abdullah Al-Maadadi and won two places, Abdullah Mutab Al-Marri, Mesfer Nasser Al-Hajri, Mansour Mubarak Al-Hajri, Al-Markhiya Team, Abdul-Mohsen Saeed Al-Hajri, Saad Khaled Al-Mansoori, Mansour Muhammad Al-Shahwani, Al-Mashghar Team, Ali Saleh Al-Juhaish, Nayef Bakhit Al-Athbi, Ali Ahmed Al-Mari, Al-Qemma Team, Al-Mashghar Team, Al-Asila team and won two places, Sheikh Khalid Muhammad Al Thani, Nasser Marzouq Al-Azmi, Muhammad Abdul Hadi Al-Dossary, Yusef Ibrahim Al-Maadadi Shaiban Hamad Al-Hajri, Jaber Ali Al-Athba, Hamad Salem Al-Marri, Team Lattam, Ali Dhafer Al-Qahtani, Issa Ghanem Al-Kubaisi, Hamad Rashid Al-Kubaisi, Sheikh Fahad Jassim Al-Thani, Al-Dhahabi Team, Salem Ali Al-Marri, Team Al-Majd, Mohammed Saleh Al-Nabit, Team Mesaimeer And it won two places, the Al-Mourabitoun team, Saeed Moqbel Al-Azmi, Rashid Abdul Hadi Al-Marri, Eid Saad Al-Muhannadi, Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Attiyah, Saleh Saif Al-Mansouri and Hamad IssaAl-Mansouri, then support Mishlash Al-Misifri.
In the Al-Tala championship, Al-Majd team won the first place, while Abdullah Misnad Al-Misnad won the second and third places. The first-place winner in the Al-Tala championship won a “VXR” car, and the second place winner won a “GXR” car, and the third On a financial amount of 100 thousand riyals.
As for the winners of the Local / Da`wah championship in five categories, first place was won in the Local Da`wah Championship (free chick) Muhammad Yusef Al-Mannai in the first place, the Elite team in the second place and the Elzam team in the third place, and in the category (Free Qurnas) Hassan Abdullah Al-Nuaimi won first place And the Lusail team won the second and third places, and in the free gear category (Farkh and Qarnas) won the first place, Abdullah Saeed Al-Marri, and the second place, Mohammed Rashid Al-Juffali Al-Nuaimi, and Al-Sheehaniya team won the third place.
In the category of Gir Shaheen (Farkh and Qarnas), Khalifa Nasser Al-Misnad won the first and second places and Elzam Team won the third place …. As for the local Shaheen Qarnas category, the first place was won by Abdullah Amer bin Daih Al-Kaabi, the second place was Nasser Muhammad Al-Nuaimi and the third place by the Lusail team.
The owners of the first place in the five categories won an award, which is a Land Cruiser, and the second place owners received a Toyota pickup, while the third place winners received a prize of 100,000 riyals.
In the international advocacy championship, the three places in the Qarnas Shaheen category were won respectively by Nasser bin Jaber Al-Marri, Rashid Hamad Al-Mansouri and Fahd Muhammad Al-Mulla, and in the free category of both types, Fawaz Falah Nasser Al-Nun won the first and third places, and Ahmed Mutlaq Nazal, the father of the hearts in the center. The second.
In the elite round of advocacy, Mr. Hassan Abdullah Al Nuaimi won the first place, the Lusail team won the second place, and Mr. Hassan Ali Al Mohannadi won the third place. The first place winner won a Land Cruiser GXR class, the second was a Land Cruiser GX R8, and the third was a Land Cruiser. GX class.
In the Saluki Racing Championship, Sultan Salman Al-Athbi and a Land Cruiser won first place, and Nasser Sultan Al-Dossary and a pickup car won the first place, and the third place was Khalifa Muhammad Al-Muhannadi, with a sum of 50 thousand riyals.
In the Young Falconer Championship for the age group of 6 to 10 years, Hussain Saud Al-Kubaisi and Jumah Muhammad Al-Kubaisi won the first place equally, and an amount of 17,500 riyals each, and Abdul Latif Saad Al-Misnad and Khalifa Ali Jamila won the third place equally and an amount of 9 thousand riyals each, and Rashid Hamad Al-Buainain in fifth place 6 Thousands of riyals, and Muhammad al-Kubaisi second in sixth place, while the owners of the seventh to tenth places received an amount of 4 thousand riyals, and they are respectively: Abdul Latif Khalid Al-Hamidi, Saud Abdullah Al-Sada, Abdullah Abdulaziz Al-Kuwari, then Nasser Hassan Al-Nuaimi.
In the Promising Falconer Championship, the following category, Muhammad Khalid Al-Nuaimi won the first place, Abdullah Muhammad Al-Nuaimi won the second place, Rashid Hassan Al Nuaimi won the third place, and Abdulaziz Ali Al Nuaimi won the fourth place, then behind Ahmed Al Mannai in the fifth place.
Mubarak Khalifa Al-Asiri won in the Qarmousha category, the first place, and Tamim Hamad Al-Muhannadi, the second and third places, and Hamad Rashid Al-Kaabi, fourth, and Eid Khaled Al-Ghanim, fifth.
The top ten winners received a total of 88,000 riyals, of which 25,000 for the first place holder, 20,000 for the second place, 15,000 for the third place, 10,000 for the fourth and 8,000 for the fifth.
The winners in the Scratch category have the same prizes in the Tobacco category.

Mr. Ali bin Khatem Al Mehshadi, President of the Marmi Festival and President of the Al Gannas Association, praised the level of competition this year in all championships .. and said: “We thank His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, the sponsor of the festival for his unlimited support for the festival,” noting that the Marmi Falcon Festival has become a milestone in The Qatari culture, which forms the identity and sentiment of the community, which combines a past and a long heritage with a present and a bright future, explaining that this is in line with the Qatar National Vision 2030, which emphasized the importance of heritage as a fundamental pillar of the national identity.
Al-Mehshadi called on the public to follow the final of the Al-Mazayen championship to enjoy its atmosphere in Katara tomorrow evening (Saturday), pointing out that the falcons that will compete with each other will not be repeated.
In turn, Mr. Mohammed bin Abdul Latif Al-Misnad, Vice President of the Qatari Al-Gannas Association and Vice President of the Marmi Festival, said that the festival this year was different and impressive in terms of the intensity of competition and preparations by falconers, congratulating everyone on the success of this version and the victory of all lucky ones, wishing success to all on the upcoming occasions.
He explained that the completion of the festival for 12 years since its launch, was at the level of the event, pointing out that the coronation ceremony for the winners is in two stages: in the field of competitions, in the field of competitions, in the field of competition, with a goal in Sealine, and then crowning the winners in the Mazayin championship tomorrow (Saturday) in ktara.
In turn, the falconers who won the 12th Marmi Festival prizes appreciated the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani and his continued interest in consolidating this authentic heritage in society, as well as the efforts of the Qatari Al-Gannas Association and the festival’s organizing committee to provide a wonderful atmosphere for competition between falconers who had provided them with equal opportunities, stressing that The festival succeeded in establishing this authentic heritage sport in society.
For his part, Mr. Hamad Jaber bin Hamad Al-Mankhs, who won the Grand Prix of the Festival in the final threatening the challenge (Lexus car), expressed his happiness with this coronation, stressing that he was crowned with a special taste in a festival that brings together veterans of the people of Al-Muqnas and offers strong competition among all. We praise God in the end. On this performance, we will be ready for the Al-Qannas Association championships that have added to our cultural and heritage life and made this sport part of the interest of Qatari youth.
As for Mr. Salem Ali Salem Al Marri, who was crowned Lexus in a final who threatened the challenge for the second group, he said, “Happy today with the victory of the Shawahin,” appreciating the efforts of the Al Gannas Association in presenting a strong festival that brings together great falconers and brings together experiences in this field, which made the competition strong and has a special character in following up Fans at various festival tournaments.
For his part, Mr. Abdullah Fakhro, the owner of the homing pigeon, whose name is associated with the name of the championship threatening the challenge, said: “I am happy to compete with my brothers, the people of Al-Shawahin, as we have presented strong competitions and among the nearly 900 pigeons released, 52 falconers managed to hunt and qualify for the final, Sometimes the predominance was for the mourners and the times for the homing pigeons, and this nature threatened the challenge and competition, which makes the championship in anticipation and follow-up by the public.
The festival succeeded in publicizing it and its activities, as it emerged from the circle of falconers and those interested in the general public of the people of Qatar, but also foreigners who live in the State of Qatar, as well as attracting audiences from outside Qatar to interact with the festival.
Regarding the media role in highlighting the Marmi Festival, Ms. Malaka Al Shraim, Chairman of the Public Relations and Media Committee at the Twelfth Marmi Festival and Director of the New Media Department at the Cultural Village Foundation “Katara”, said that the Marmi Festival today celebrates the efforts of 12 years of hard work and effort from all The committees, especially the media committee, were able over these years to transmit this great international event through clear mechanisms and standards to move from a heritage event for a specific group, who are falconers, to a mass event that enjoys great popularity at the level of the State of Qatar and the level of the Gulf states, Arab countries and even the world who are interested in this sport Heritage.
She added that the success of the festival over the past years is due to the efforts of the organizing committee and all the committees and the diversity in the tournaments and accompanying events, in addition to the media that was able to keep pace with the festival throughout these years to gain media attention at all levels and in various local and Arab media, and some foreign channels have also been interested in covering Various aspects of the festival tournaments.
She indicated that the new media and social media, which have become a basic pillar of the fastest media in publishing all news and field follow-up to the festival, praising the vital role of the local press and the Qatar News Agency that accompanied the festival daily, thanking all the media that followed the festival and contributed their efforts to make it a success. And the delivery of his message in protecting this Qatari legacy.
She explained the annual interest of the festival in the art of sheela, as it is one of the ancient and folklore inherited arts, the basis of which is the singing of folk poetry, whether eloquent or colloquial, and this art was used while riding on the backs of camels to stimulate enthusiasm during battles, and the art of sheela was recently presented at weddings and events, There is a Qatari interest in this art.
Tomorrow evening, the Mazen Championship will take place at the Public Institution for Cultural Village “Katara”, in the presence of His Excellency Sheikh Joaan bin Hamad Al Thani, the patron of the festival, a number of Their Excellencies sheikhs and ministers, representatives of diplomatic missions to the state and the festival’s guests, as well as a large number of the public, falconers, interested people and the media.
The Mazayin Committee at the 12th Marmi Festival received this morning in Katara the participating falcons for inspection and approval of participation, as the free (Farkh and Qarnas) and free hatching categories (Farkh and Qarnas) and the free hatchery (Farkh and Qarnas) are competing in the Mazayin this year, and the contestants must bring the birds that have been inspected and agree to enter the competition before the start of the competition And the closing ceremony of Marmi Festival in Katara.