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Qatar Airways said it continues to commit to offering special benefits by launching a student club that is specifically designed to meet their needs.

On the occasion of the International Day of Education, the Qatari woman said on her Twitter account: We would like to thank all the students who chose to start their journey with us as airlines that they can trust. Continuing our commitment to providing the best by launching a student club that was specifically designed to meet your needs.

She explained in a video posted on Twitter that the exclusive benefits are exceptional service, free internet, special ticket prices, and an upgrade to the Privilege Club as a gift for graduation and others, in addition to flexibility in changing travel plans, calling for joining the Student Club.

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Last November, Qatar Airways launched an exclusive international program for students around the world, saying: Because you are a student of knowledge and knowledge, we will be with you while you travel to study, or when you return to the university, or to visit family and friends on holidays, the exclusive Student Club program offers benefits and discounts. Match and much more, to soar your ambition throughout your educational journey.

The student club’s exclusive package of benefits includes:

** Save more with every booking:

Upon joining, receive a promo code for 10% off your first reservation. After completing your trip, you will receive a 15% discount on your second reservation with another promotional code after that flight to get 20% off your third reservation.

** Extra baggage allowance:

Your burgundy student club membership allows you to carry more with you because you will get an additional 10kg luggage weight or an extra bag, depending on your itinerary.

** Free high-speed wireless internet:

When booking through the Qatar Airways website or mobile app, you will enjoy free high-speed wireless internet access throughout your flight with the fastest internet connection in the sky.

** Upgrade your Privilege Club membership tier upon graduation:

Travel at least once a year as a member of the Student Club to be your graduation gift is to upgrade your membership in the Privilege Club.

** More flexibility:

Take advantage of flexible booking options, including one free travel date change.