Taxi drivers in Doha are calling for dedicate parking spaces for their vehicles along Doha’s major roads, hospital compounds and important Government offices, which are visited by a large number of people.

The allotment of dedicate parking zones will allow us to operate the taxis in an efficient and effective manner, the drivers say.

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Currently, 5 taxi operators including the state-owned Mowasalat’s Karwa taxis remain functional in Qatar.

Taxi drivers say that they are facing tough competition from the operators who are offering limousine services and in order to better compete with them it is crucial that they be allotted dedicated parking spaces, doing so will be beneficial for the passengers as well as the taxi drivers.

“If dedicated parking zones are allotted to us, it will be easier for the passengers to catch a taxi rather than having to wait for a taxi or attempt to catch one on the main roads, and the limousine drivers will not be able to poach off passengers of the regular taxis”, says a driver.

Dedicated parking spaces for taxis exist at a handful places, however, taxis are permitted to enter the mall premises in Doha for picking up or dropping off passengers from there without any hassles.

“By setting up dedicated zones for taxis, passengers will find catching a cab far more convenient that it is now, particularly those people who do not prefer waiting or in case there is an emergency”, says another driver.

The demand for taxis in the areas where any Govt. office or a private healthcare centre is located is always high and people looking for taxis in such places is a common sight. Taxi drivers believe that by allotting dedicated parking zones to them people will no longer be forced to wait for taxis.

“Not only will it be beneficial for passengers, it will be beneficial for us as well, as we will not be forced to roam around to find passengers, we will know exactly where to find passengers”, said another driver.