Residence and work permits in Qatar is easier after the new revised labor law. New revised law is flexible for both employer and employee. So if you are working in Qatar, you can bring your family too. If your wife/husband wants to work in Qatar, he/she needs to register at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs in the recruitment department.

The Residency Permit

If you are wishing to work in Qatar and live in Qatar, you must be having an offer in Qatar’s company. It requires a Qatar Work Residence Permit.On Behalf of expats, it’s employers responsibilities to make sure that all the paper work done for the Residence Permit.

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When an expat comes to Qatar for the first time, it’s employer responsibility to arrange a temporary visa which will then be converted as Work Residency Permit and it will take maximum 2-4 weeks. It’s now not required for an expat to leave the country during the convertion of visa to work permit. Once an expat receives work residence permit, he will be eligible for all the services such as loan, rental agreements, driving license and so on.

Work residence permits should be renewed each year by the expat’s employer.

Another benefit is that expat can bring his family to Qatar to join them and live in Qatar.

Family Residence Visa:

It allows your family members to stay with you in Qatar. Expats can sponsor their family members but they must be having individual family residence visa. Period of this Visa is 1-5 years. Expats are required to submit a number of documents such as authenticated marriage and birth certificates, no-objection letter and salary certificate from their employer.

Registering as a Working Woman
A woman who is in Qatar on a family sponsorship doesn’t require a seperate work permit if she has approval from her husband. She needs to visit the Labor Department to do so.

Renewal of Residence permit:

It can be done through online if an expat has smart ID cards.


  • Login with your smart card.
  • Select renewal period.
  • Fill the required information.
  • Pay appropriate fees.

Fees information:

  • Wife and children above the age of 18, and their family sponsor QR500.
  • Children under the age of 18 QR300.
  • Employees sponsored by companies, institutions and shops QR1,000.
  • Employees on personal sponsorships, servants, farmers and sailors QR300.
  • ID fee QR50.
  • There is a 20% discount, in case of three-year renewal