These are the top ten highest waterfalls that you will ever see. Go and see them and take plenty of pictures for the family to see. Go on vacation just to see them. You will never want to see another if you go see the highest one yet. You can even get close to some of these and feel the mist fall over your body. The views of each of these are just a few that you can go and see but these are the highest and greatest of them all. Do what you have to get away from your everyday life to go and see these beautiful views. Some are not just one but hundreds of falls in one. The trees and the rocks keep the flow going and the cliffs make the incline go faster.

List of Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World in 2017

10. Jog Falls

jog falls, Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World 2019

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This waterfall falls down over eight hundred and twenty nine feet of a cliff. When it is not the monsoon season then you will not see but little small streams of water falling from the cliff but if it is monsoon season then the water just pours over the cliff making it such a beautiful place to see. When it is just a small stream you would never it was a waterfall. The beauty of a fall it just one of many and can be seen high or low and will have you staring for hours at a time.

9. Gullfoss

gullfoss, Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World 2018

This word means Golden Falls. It is found in Iceland and is the most popular you will see there. In the summer you will see more of a fall than any other time. It is so wonderful to see because of the way the waterfalls is inside a rock path. If you go be very careful not to fall to close or you can get hurt really badly. It is viewed by tourist all over the world and will continue because of all the wonderful look of it.

8. Detian Falls

detian falls, Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World 2017

This is not just one waterfall but two. It lands between China and Vietnam. It has water that falls from two cliffs one overlapping each other. The water flows so smoothly that people make the trip just to watch it flow.The water that it flows into is nice and blue with a green tint to it. It is closed except for tourist. The rocks and trees is what makes it flow the way it does making it that much more beautiful.

7. Blue Nile Falls

blue-nile-falls-top-10-greatest-and-highest-waterfalls-in-the world-2017

It is located on the Blue Nile River that is in Ethiopia and also referred to as Tis Abay which means smoking water when translated. You will find it at the upper part of the river and that is going to be right down from Bahir Dar, which is a town, and the lake called Tana. Even though a lot of the water was split up to be a power the view of this waterfall is going to take your breath away because of how beautiful it is. Many tourists visit the waterfall anytime they are traveling around Ethiopia.

6. Vinnufossen

vinnufossen, Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World

This one is the highest one that is located in the country of Europe but out of the whole world it is the sixth tallest. You will find it east of Sunndalsora and when you see it you should know that the falls of it are a part of the river called Vinnu, that is how the waterfall received the name that it has. The water off of the falls end up in the river that is by a little town called Hoelsand. This is one amongst the Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World 2017.

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5. Kaieteur Falls


If you are ever at the Kaieteur National Park then be sure to stop and take a look at this beautiful waterfall that flows because it is part of the group of them that is the most powerful in the whole world. The fall height is over seven hundred feet and that makes it even bigger than the Niagara falls and Victoria falls. There is a lot more waterfalls that are taller than this one but they will not come close to having the power and the height both at the same time.

4. The Angel Falls


It is over thirty-two hundred feet tall and has a plunge of over twenty-six hundred feet. Because of how tall the waterfall is, the water from it ends up converting itself into very tiny particles because of the strong winds that are in the space that the waterfall is located. Once the water converts it actually turns into a mist before it is even close to the bottom ground.

3. Niagara Falls


This is a waterfall you can get close and personal with. Take the cruise on the boat that goes very close so you can feel the mist when you ride by. If you have never heard of this then you live under a rock it is the most famous because of all of the attraction that it gets. It is the most visited reaching up to fourteen million people going a year. The fact that it can be toured and you can get close to it makes it to where more people want to go.

2. Victoria Falls


Southern Africa is the home to this falls. Located on the border of the city of Zambia and Zimbabwe, this waterfall is so gorgeous. Many have said that it is the largest one they have ever seen before and that it is possibly the biggest in the world. It is not the highest or the widest one in the world though because it is only one mile wide and stands three hundred and sixty feet. It is about two times as tall as the Niagara falls though, but if you add together the height and width of this waterfall you are going to get one that is actually even bigger than the Iguazu Falls.

1. Iguazu Falls


Wanna look at something mind blowing? Well this waterfall is what you are looking for. It was discovered in fifteen forty one, and has been a sight ever since. It is made up of two hundred and seventy five falls. The water just pours over the cliffs and rocks and trees and makes it one of the ones you would love to go get pictures of. The trees keep the water split so you can see straight through the falls and see the back fall if you look past all the mist and everything else that is in the way. No more wondering because this is the highest there is.

So, these above are the Top 10 Greatest And Highest Waterfalls in The World 2017. Overall, these waterfalls have unique looks to them and will always keep the tourists coming back to visit because of their beauty. Many of them on this list may not actually be the tallest but that is only because there is so many out there in the world that it would be incredibly hard to narrow it down to which ones are actually the absolute highest up. If you are planning a trip to any of the places above then be sure to stop off and see the waterfalls because they are definitely worth viewing.