Visas in Qatar

It is essential you have a Visa to live legally in any country and also if you wish to work they will need proof of ID and a visa.

Visas in Qatar

There are several types of visas you can obtain in Qatar, depending on the reasons why you’re there. Whether it’s for business, tourism or permanent work, here are the visas to choose from.
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Business visas can be obtained for those traveling to Qatar for business, however, the partner company sponsoring or government establishment, such as the ministry, would have to obtain the required visa. Business visas are typically valid between 14 days and 3 months. Hotels can also arrange business visas, which would be valid for 3 months. The cost is QR 100.

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Family visit visas are an appropriate option for families with expat status that allows you to bring family, siblings or parents. The visa can range for one month or a maximum of 6 months. A medical commission check up is necessary to extend the visa beyond 1 month. Cost is QR 250 and QR 50 per month.

You can pay at the immigration desk via Visa or MasterCard for standard visit visas. Note that the presence of relatives in the country still requires a hotel booking. Passports must be valid for six months after the date of return. Exit visas are not required.

Multiple entry visas are available for 6 months and one year. 2-year and 5-year multiple-entry visas are available for holders of British passports.

Medical procedure for Resident Work Permit or Family Residency: Blood Group certificates are required before going for medical tests. This applies to adults and children.

Medical tests include a blood test as well as chest X rays. The Chest x rays can only be done at the Medical Commission in Abu Hamour. Electronic fingerprinting for adults only can be completed at the Mesaimeer Services Centre.

Identity cards are mandatory for all residents of Qatar; this applies to the resident work permit and the family resident permit. The exception is for those under 18. The ID cards contain information such as your blood group, your passport number and nationality not forgetting your signature and can be used instead of your passport in most circumstances. The duration of your ID is the same as your residency.

Resident visas are not normally a problem provided you have a sponsor. The sponsor would typically get the work permit and assist with all the required paperwork. A Work Resident permit is valid up to three years and is granted to people who have contracts to work in Qatar. Cost QR 1000 per year.

Ensure that all appropriate documents are readily available and expect to provide additional documents. Resident visas can take some time and in family circumstances it is not uncommon to do a visa run within the first 28 days. Contracts usually are valid for 2-year period with 2 months paid leave after completion of contract. The initial cost is QR 5500.

Once you are a resident, you can obtain residence permit for your family if you earn a salary of QR 10,000 or more. You can sponsor you sons under 25 years old  and daughters for as long as they are unmarried.