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Foster unveiled the new design of its masterpiece, a group of aluminum towers in Lusail.

According to a company statement, published on its website, the Aluminum Towers in Lusail is a historic project in Qatar, designed within a new central business district in the city and consisting of 4 high-rise buildings. 

The project covers an area of ​​1.1 million square meters, and it hosts the headquarters of the Qatar National Bank, Qatar Central Bank and the Qatar Investment Authority, as well as many large companies, including Qatari Diar, in addition to establishing a modern area in the city center. 

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Foster says that the project will be completed before the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.

The project is located at the end of the large street that connects the new football stadium to the Corniche, and the first two towers are 70 floors high, while the other two towers are 50 floors high, all arranged symmetrically around a central square.

The aluminum-clad facades of the tower are designed with prominent profiles that wrap around the building, shading the glass from the sun’s rays, while preserving the outside views and daylight.

The project also includes modern, customized-controlled cooling and ventilation systems, efficient LED lighting, and advanced automatic controls that contribute to reducing energy. Rainwater and condensate water are recycled and reused on-site for irrigation, and the project is characterized by the use of less energy and carbon emissions. 

Below the towers are shops, cafes and restaurants.