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Businessmen and investors have welcomed the announcement by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications about permitting marine vehicles, but according to conditions. And they said that the new procedures that require in the chartered marine means a commitment not to be more than 50% of the total number of authorized passengers, with a maximum of 10 passengers, and in pleasure ships, a commitment is required that no more than 50% of the total number of authorized passengers be present, with a maximum of 10 passengers. It contributes to the sustainability of the marine media sector and its non-stop business that concerns a wide range of investors and consumers, including the industry and tourism sector.
Sector sustainability
His Excellency Sheikh Mansour bin Jassim Al Thani, businessman and investor in the shipping sector, stressed the importance of the ministerial decision issued by the Ministry of Transportation and Communications to allow work in marine media according to the measures taken to prevent Coronavirus. In his speech to Al Sharq, Sheikh Mansour explained that the marine media sector is one of the most active sectors in support of the national economy and tourism, whether it is related to personal boats, rental boats, yachts, daily cruise boats, private jet boats and snaps, or through tourist snaps and floating restaurants that attract many Of public and private investments, what makes interest in the business of this sector and its sustainability a top priority, so that it is not affected by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.
His Excellency Sheikh Mansour noted that the procedures stipulated that no more than 50% of the total number of authorized passengers be present, with a maximum of 10 passengers in relation to chartered marine vehicles, and a commitment not to have more than 50% of the total number of authorized passengers, with a maximum of 10 passengers per person. Cruise ships, ensure the continuation of the activity of this sector on the one hand, and provide the required precautionary measures on the other hand, and this is what serves public safety measures and maintains the health and safety of society.
His Excellency Sheikh Mansour said that it is expected that the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the concerned authorities will continue the awareness and monitoring campaigns that it carried out during the last period in conjunction with the implementation of the fourth phase of the gradual lifting of the restrictions imposed by the Corona virus pandemic, in order to follow up on the compliance of the leaders and users of marine media with health procedures and security and safety instructions. Navy.
He pointed out that Qatar is strengthening today its position in the maritime transport sector, as the Qatar International Protection Center in the field of maritime training was approved last year, in a precedent that is the first of its kind in the field of specialized maritime training in the State of Qatar, within the framework of Qatar’s commitment to the International Convention on Standards Training and qualification for workers at sea issued by the International Maritime Organization, and this agreement is considered one of the most important agreements issued by the International Maritime Organization, which greatly contributed to the training of cadres working in maritime transport to ensure the safety of work at sea, and this agreement set the first basic conditions for training And rehabilitation and shifts for seafarers at the international level, and also contributed to raising the level of basic conditions for training and qualification to ensure the safety of life, property and the marine environment.
Businessman Sheikh Mansour bin Jassim Al Thani confirmed that these efforts are complementary to other measures taken at the state level, whether in the education sector, the trade sector or the tourism sector, which contributed to the success of the State of Qatar in overcoming the difficult phase of the pandemic with minimal losses.
Public interest
His Excellency Sheikh Hassan bin Jabr Al Thani, owner of the Factory and Performance Boat Company, said that adhering to preventive measures in light of the current circumstances is a national duty, and adherence to it must be a principle for everyone, whether in the marine media sector or other sectors. He explained that the use of these media is in line with the nature of the measures taken to confront the pandemic, but the formulation of decisions that accompany this stage so that they do not cause losses to the owners of companies or increase the cases of harm to them.
His Excellency Sheikh Hassan explained that sea processions are different from other means in the transportation sector, as boats are open and their walkways are open and their owners breathe fresh air and thus it is difficult to be a cause of the spread of disease, and in cases where some of them are closed, such as the case of yachts, for example, so the rented ones are obligatory. That the appropriate laws are set for them, as is the case for closed cars whose number of passengers is determined, but if they are personal yachts and their family-goers and their health condition is healthy thanks to God, then there is no need to stress them as the case of a chartered yacht. This case applies to small boats that do not cause any problems, their air is open, and the boat is moving, and in this case, damage is not expected even with half the number.
Sheikh Hassan added that the outright ban that was imposed on boats during the last period caused great damage to the owners of companies and their agencies due to the failure of the boats to move, which caused paralysis and damage to them, and even maintenance work was supposed to be allowed so that maintenance companies and boats would not be damaged due to stopping. The result was that the owners of maintenance companies and factories were affected, and technicians became profitable, and they went to the duty station and practiced the work of maintenance companies, which became the ones affected.
Sheikh Hassan added: We are with the decision-making, but we hoped that there would be a meeting with the owners of local companies to exchange views, give and take, and then come up with a decision that serves the interest of all. As owners of factories or companies, we are concerned with the public interest first and foremost, but partnership remains very necessary between stakeholders to reach a decision that serves the public interest.
Flexibility of procedures
In his speech to Al-Sharq, businessman Mr. Ali Hassan Al-Khalaf said that the Corona pandemic has affected most commercial activities since it swept the world due to the closure measures that were taken to confront the epidemic, but the national efforts contributed to mitigating these effects locally due to the precautionary measures that the competent authorities have kept up with this The epidemic.
However, in the matter of marine media, as is the case with the requirements for parties and gatherings at home, the decisions taken in this regard require a measure of flexibility so that those who do not meet the requirements are not affected by the side effects of these decisions. In the case of the sea, for example, we find that the media or most of them are not closed as they are in the case of cars or closed rooms, and this requires setting rules that are organized according to each case. In a very large size that differs from the normal and the medium and small, and so on, and therefore flexibility in observing such cases is important for taking the right measures, and society, Mr. Ali Al-Khalaf adds, has become very aware of the dangers of this epidemic and it must assume its responsibility in this aspect and this. It is noticed, thanks to God and with the cooperation of everyone, as we notice a high degree of adherence to the muzzle and spacing in places that require it.
Beach tourism
, businessman Mr. Mansour Al-Mansour said that the decision of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the judge to allow work in marine media in accordance with specific requirements according to the preventive measures and measures in place to confront the Corona virus encourages the continued growth of beach tourism, especially in the current tourist season, and in light of the increasing demand for marine media.
Mansour Al-Mansour said that there are important efforts that succeeded in developing the marine media sector, and we noticed the increase in the activity of personal boats, rental boats, yachts, daily cruise boats, and private snappers, and this was reflected in the attractiveness of marine tourism, which before the Corona pandemic witnessed a growth of 11 percent. Marine tourism is also an essential part of the Qatar Tourism Authority’s 2023 strategy, and this activity supports its continued growth and expansion in light of the development of coastal facilities such as the Salwa Beach Resort, which is considered the most modern entertainment destination.
Al-Mansour added that the efforts we see, whether from the government or the private sector, to support the continuation of the activity of various economic sectors, and the success achieved by national companies operating in these sectors makes us confident that the plans and projects that are being implemented are proceeding on the right approach and will achieve the desired goals in order to overcome the shocks that are being implemented. Caused by the Corona pandemic, which shook various economies of the world, while our national economy continues its cohesion and continued successes thanks to the wisdom of our wise leadership in directing financial resources to support and develop major national projects.
Mansour Al-Mansour added that Qatar has paid remarkable attention to the tourism sector during the last three years, and the hotel hospitality sector recorded a strong performance in 2019, that is, before the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic, and the total occupancy rate was 66% in hotels and hotel apartments, an increase of 9% compared to 2018, as well. Marine tourism played a large and supportive role in this growth.