The Central Municipal Council (CMC), at its biweekly session, has recommended that the Ministry of Municipality and Environment (MME) should intensify its health inspection campaigns on the local market to ensure that the plastic bags used for bread and bakery products are compliant with the approved standards.

It held that the Ministry should intensify its efforts to ensure that the materials used in wrapping food products, in particular bread and other similar items, are safe for the designated purpose.

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The council even urged the MME to supply all the  municipalities with enough qualified employees and health inspectors.

Moreover, the CMC also recommended that the MoPH should work to amend the GCC technical regulations and standard specifications regarding plastic bags used for keeping bread, and the sachets used for tea and herbal products, as the Gulf Times reports.

Meanwhile, the recommendations of CMC also related to the design of public gardens and parks, wherein it stressed on the need for a proper evaluation of such designs to ensure that the overall construction costs are reduced as much as possible.