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His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdul Rahman Al Thani, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, affirmed that the State of Qatar respects the rule of law, and that no one is above the law, and it is a state of institutions, and what happened with regard to the former Minister of Finance, Ali Sharif Al-Emadi, has a direct relationship with the public office, and the position of the Minister of Finance However, companies and other institutions (which were managed by Al-Emadi) follow a clear governance system, and there is a periodic review of them and work in them is continuous and the work is not affected by the absence of anyone.

The former Finance Minister
said – in an interview with Al-Jazeera broadcasted today – the investigation is still ongoing and we cannot comment on its content. As for the institutions, they are huge institutions, the Qatar Investment Authority or the institutions in which the Qatar Investment Authority or business establishments here in the State of Qatar own their work It runs as it is and has not been previously affected by any events and will not be affected by any event.

The Somali file and 
on the Somali file, the Minister of Foreign Affairs said: The Qatari efforts between Somalia and Kenya focused on restoring diplomatic relations between the two countries. As for the second, she urged the President of Kenya to support relations with Somalia.

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His Excellency added: We see that the tension in relations between the two countries is not in the interest of the region and that there are positive steps after the visit of the Qatari envoy, and the focus is now on the electoral process and the Somali political parties on returning to previous agreements.

The Foreign Minister said: We encourage the Somali elections to be held on the date agreed upon between the political parties, and we want the continuation of normal relations between Kenya and Somalia, and we encourage the parties to intensify communication.

He added: Now the task falls on the two countries, and Qatar will follow the development of Somalia and Kenya relations, and we will support efforts if there is a need for intervention, expressing his thanks to the presidents of Kenya and Somalia for their political will to restore relations between the two countries, noting that Qatar enjoys good relations with everyone.

The Iranian file 
On the Iranian nuclear file, the Foreign Minister stressed that there is no official mediation by Qatar between America and Iran, saying: We enjoy strategic relations with Washington and enjoy good relations with Iran, but he revealed continuous contacts with Washington and Tehran and urged them to engage in dialogue in a positive way. He said, “We do not want to increase the tension, which will reflect negatively on Qatar and the region.”

He added: We find that continuous and constructive dialogue between the two parties is the way to return to the nuclear agreement .. We hope that the Vienna negotiations will succeed and that all concerns of all parties will be addressed, and we hope that these negotiations will result in regional efforts and a regional dialogue between Iran and the region. It is only through diplomatic efforts, and not between Iran and the United States and the five countries. Rather, the Gulf states are interested in having a direct dialogue with Iran in solving the problems that surround us.

Regarding media reports on the Saudi-Iranian talks, His Excellency said: “We welcome any dialogue or efforts and a positive spirit that returns to relations between Iran and the Gulf, especially Saudi Arabia, and we support such efforts. We believe that dialogue is a constructive step in the stability of the region.”
He added, “We always encourage dialogue and diplomatic efforts. There are concerns between the two parties (the Gulf and Iran), and there must be direct dialogue on these concerns.”

and the Arab relations with Syria, the foreign minister said: “Every State evaluated sovereign decisions, and we in Qatar is still our position towards Syria has not changed, and there are fundamental reasons to sever ties with the Syrian regime , which still exist .. Qatar has not changed its policies and each country has its assessment and respect We do not interfere with their decisions. ” 

On Turkish-Arab relations and on Turkish-Arab relations, the foreign minister said: We see positive moves, and Turkey is part of the region and is interested in regional security. We have good relations with Turkey and we want good Arab-Turkish relations for the benefit of the region.
Regarding positive relations in the region, the Foreign Minister said: Our view is that there is a positive trend in the region, and the region has suffered from difficult conditions and the peoples of the region have suffered continuous suffering, and this suffering will only end with social, economic and political development, which are good steps and Qatar wants good relations for all.

On the Lebanese issue, His Excellency the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs said: Qatar has a good relationship with Lebanon and the Lebanese people, and we have efforts to resolve the Lebanese crises in 2008 and we reached the Doha Agreement that stemmed from Qatar’s concern for the Lebanese people and their stability.

He added: Qatar will not undertake any mediation except with the acceptance of all parties and stands at the same distance with everyone and urges a Lebanese-Lebanese understanding, and any assistance or support for the Lebanese dialogue for the exit of a government that has a clear program, Qatar will support it and will do this assistance, and if the parties want Qatari intervention, Doha So welcome.

He continued: Since the outbreak of the Lebanese crisis and the resignation of the government, there are many challenges, the crisis in Lebanon is economic and social, but it is political, and Qatar continues to support the Lebanese people so that they are not affected by this crisis, but if there is a sustainable program without any government it will be very difficult to present Anything, and we are sure that all countries are proactive in supporting if there is a government.

Regarding aid, the Foreign Minister said: We have a clear policy on any aid we provide, and our assistance continues through the current institutions