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HE Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani affirmed that Qatar does not regret hosting negotiations with the Taliban, saying: “Well… regret being able to help achieve peace between countries and save people’s lives… I think this is something that will not It never happens to us as long as..what we do in good faith as a country is trying to save people’s lives..even if we save one life..”.

On the collapse of the negotiations between the Taliban and the Afghan government, His Excellency said – in an interview with the American network CNN from Doha – “We have been trying recently to start negotiations between the Taliban and the government, but unfortunately events occurred very quickly after the departure of President Ashraf Ghani, and the situation there turned into a state of affairs.” out of chaos.”

He added, “We are doing our best to stress them about the importance of acting as a participant there … as part of Afghan society, but we cannot predict what their reaction will be until they come back to us with a clear answer.”

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His Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs during the interview with CNN


The foreign minister said: “We did not feel them this rejection of the ideas that we presented to them, but we also did not hear them any acceptance of these ideas” ..

He continued his delight: “We need to engage and agree on a peaceful there is a solution .. and access to some form of power – sharing , which is represented For everyone.. protecting the rights of minorities and protecting the basic human rights of the people and women and the rights of education.. all of these things.. this is what Qatar supports.. Other than that, it is not only Qatar that will not be able to help, but also the rest of the international community.”

The Foreign Minister stressed, “None of us wants to see Afghanistan as a model for a country that lives in centuries past.”

On Qatar’s activities to help get people out of Kabul Airport, His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Al Thani said: “The current activities on the ground so far we are doing, such as facilitating evacuations,” adding: “We hope that this evacuation will not take a long time. But I think it will last for a week or two.”