The Qatari Red Crescent has officially announced the launch of the Al-Adhahi Project for the year 1441 AH, under the slogan “Bring your sacrifice”, a project that aims to facilitate those who wish to perform the sacrifice ritual on the feast, by donating it under the umbrella of the Qatari Red Crescent, who then distributes it to the eligible .
In a statement today, the Qatari Red Crescent stated that it has made the necessary arrangements for the purchase of sacrifices by the sacrifices with a total value of 6.5 million riyals, so that the sacrificed meat whose value was donated in food rations will be distributed to more than 125,000 people from the categories deserved in The State of Qatar and 5 countries in need.
Mr. Yousef Muhammad Al-Awadhi, Director of the Resource Development Department of the Qatari Red Crescent, said in a statement by the way, that the Crescent is launching this project for the third year in a row, in addition to a number of campaigns and seasonal and annual projects that have become over the years a solid feature in its charitable and humanitarian work for the benefit of the weak and needy in all Place.
He explained that the vision of the project is based on achieving a double benefit for the victims and the beneficiaries alike, as those who wish to take out the sacrifice will find it easy by purchasing it through the safe collection methods provided by the Qatari Red Crescent, and the needy will get enough of the meat that is fed completely safe, All of this is within the times prescribed by Sharia, to ensure the completion of the ritual sacrifice and a great reward for it.
He noted the institution’s standing in the humanitarian and social field and its ability to reach groups in need of support, including the most difficult areas such as countries affected by natural disasters or armed conflicts.
He added: “We cooperate with sister national societies and local authorities in the countries in which we work in order to provide livestock with the highest specifications, and we supervise all the slaughter and distribution operations and the selection of beneficiaries most in need of such food assistance.”
Al-Awadi called on everyone who intends this guidance this year to urgently donate the value through the collection representatives of the Corporation in the markets and commercial complexes, or to use any means of donation designated for the project, in order to choose the type of sacrifice and the location of its distribution and then pay its value, so that the slaughtering process can be carried out in time Specific Sharia, and the delivery of sacrificial animals to those who deserve it as quickly as possible.
He said that the sacrifice project includes a local side and another externally .. In the State of Qatar, cooperation with the / Wadam company is carried out in order to provide a thousand sheep with a total value of 520 thousand riyals, which is slaughtered with the approved health means in the places designated for that, and then distributed Through Qatari Red Crescent specialists and volunteers over 1,200 simple families and 6000 workers, with a total of 13,200 beneficiaries on average.
The director of the Qatar Red Crescent Resource Development Department, regarding outside Qatar, pointed out that the Foundation will, in cooperation with the partners, slaughter and distribute sacrificed meat in 5 countries: Palestine (West Bank), Iraq, Sudan, Ethiopia, Somalia, where the total number of heads The sacrifices are to be distributed by 8140 heads, and the number of beneficiaries is 111820 people.
He pointed out that the sacrificial animals are divided into categories according to Shariah controls, as they include 9010 heads of sheep and goats and 130 heads of cows.