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Qatar has assumed a great position in the scale of economic development and prosperity in recent years, as it was able to become the first Arab country in the index of quality of living, workplace and self-development.

An annual opinion poll conducted by HSBC Bank showed that Qatar has advanced to the first place in the Arab world and sixth in the world on the quality of living, workplace and self-development index, as the list included 40 countries around the world. According to Al Jazeera Net.

Switzerland topped the list of the best countries in terms of quality of living, while Canada came in ninth place, the United States ranked 26, and the United Kingdom ranked 28, while the UAE fell from the ninth place it occupied in 2019 to 14th in 2020, and Saudi Arabia advanced from 29th in 2019 to 19th in 2020.

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The poll was based on 200 criteria to measure the quality of life, and included 3 main axes: financial ambition, lifestyle, and self-development.

The lifestyle theme included a set of major criteria such as life welfare, psychological stability, mental health, political and social stability, ease of adaptation of expatriates and their children within society, quality of education and schools, coexistence and forming friendships.

The axis of financial ambition also included criteria such as income and the ability to save, especially with the advantage of tax exemption, economic stability, career progression and balance between life and work.

The axis of self-development included cultural values ​​and achieving personal goals.