Essential Information your business needs to know about Business Visas in Qatar

For anyone thinking about traveling to Qatar for work, the visa system can be somewhat puzzling. Do you need a Business Visa or a Work Visa? What is a Residency Permit and do you need one?

Similarly, if you are a business operating within Qatar, it’s not always easy to understand visa rules and regulations when bringing in international talent.

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When arranging business visas in any country, there is usually a fair amount of paperwork to be completed and boxes to tick. Arranging visas in Qatar is no different. But, when it comes to visas such as the Business Visa, the responsibility for application lies with the Qatari employer.

So, what is there to know about the Business Visa?


What is a Business Visa?

First, let’s talk about what a Business Visa is not. A Business Visa is not a long-term visa solution. For workers looking to settle in Qatar over the longer term, there are other types of visas available, such as a Work Visa and Residency Permit.

Work Visa (more accurately referred to as Temporary Work Visa) is used only as a pathway for workers coming to Qatar for the long term, allowing them to enter Qatar and start work while their Residency Permit is under process.

For workers who enter Qatar on a Work Visa, their application for a Residency Permit is completed and lodged once they are in the country. After the Residency Permit is granted, workers can live and work in Qatar, and possibly sponsor their family to join them if needed.

On the other hand, the business visa is a more temporary solution. Designed to allow overseas workers to work in Qatar on a short-term basis, this is usually the visa of choice for work stays of less than three months.

How does a Business Visa work?

A Business Visa is a temporary, single entry, working visa. Once issued, the visa is valid for up to three months. That gives the worker three months to enter Qatar from the day the visa is issued.

Upon entering Qatar, the visa’s validity period is 30 days. That means the worker can stay and work in Qatar on this visa for up to 30 days, but it can be extended to a maximum of 90 days, if required.

It’s worth noting that if the visa is extended over that 30 day period, the worker will require a Leave Notification, formerly known as an Exit Permit, issued by their sponsor, in order to leave Qatar.

The employee is then free to leave the country – unless he or she is wanted in connection to any active criminal proceedings, or has defaulted on a debt in Qatar.

Now, back to the Business Visa. This visa is single entry, so if the worker leaves Qatar for any reason, a new visa will be required to gain access to the country again. Another important factor to remember is that there is a QAR 200 fine for every day that an individual overstays on this visa.

Applying for a Business Visa

As we mentioned previously, it is up to the business in Qatar to lodge the correct application for a Business Visa for its overseas workers. As a 51% local partner, Fusion Middle East can assist their partnered businesses with all their visa application needs.

Want a smooth, hassle-free visa application process? This is something Fusion Middle East specialises in, so get in touch with us today to find out more about how we can help you.