• The commission receives 500 people daily in the food workers unit
  • Renewal of health certificates annually through repeated necessary medical examinations
  • Annual check-ups for food workers and the like to maintain public health

Doha – Abdul Majeed Hamdy :

The Ministry of Public Health has warned all private health facilities against issuing health certificates for workers in the field of food and those of similar status .. confirming that the Medical Commission Department of the Ministry of Health is the only body approved by the Ministry to issue these certificates.

The ministry said, in a circular obtained by  Al-Raya,  a copy of it, that issuing these certificates requires conducting multiple examinations and following up some cases in some specialized clinics in addition to keeping all their medical records to facilitate the follow-up of their health history..

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The ministry added: It has been observed that some private clinics and medical centers issue health certificates for food workers, and it is strictly forbidden to issue health certificates for food workers and the like by any of the private health facilities. She emphasized that the issuance of health certificates for food workers and those of similar status is exclusively for the Medical Commission Department of the Ministry of Public Health .. warning those who violate this with legal accountability. For his part, a responsible source at the Medical Commission said that the Commission’s administration has designated a unit for food workers and those of similar status, as they have a special path during the medical examinations of the Commission … indicating that the examinations include x-rays, the necessary analyzes and a clinical examination. The source added, in a statement to  Ensign The laboratory examinations include tests to detect AIDS and hepatitis, as well as x-rays that detect tuberculosis, as well as a clinical examination for skin, eye and heart examinations, indicating that if any disease is discovered, it is referred directly to the Communicable Diseases Center at HMC to conduct more Confirmation checks for the disease, and in the event that a disease is confirmed, treatment will be started immediately until the condition stabilizes, so that the disease is not contagious and is under control, and then a decision is made that the case is not healthy.

He explained that the capacity of the food workers unit in the commission reaches 100 references per day, but in the recent period 500 references are received per day to issue the required health certificates, after reducing the official working hours daily, and then the number of auditors in the unit was reduced..

He added that the certificates of health fitness for this category are renewed annually through repeated medical examinations, in order to preserve public health, and because this category is more contact with the public and can be a source of transmission of infectious diseases, so they are re-evaluated through annual examinations to ensure the greatest amount. Of safety and health among this important group and those who deal with them from the public.

He pointed out that the services of the Medical Commission are constantly being updated through the development of laboratories and radiology devices that are the best of their kind in the world, as the Medical Commission is the first line of defense regarding preventing infectious diseases from entering the country through accurate medical examinations for everyone who enters the country..