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 Qatar Charity launched an initiative under the hashtag # Million Smiles, through social media, as part of its campaign to confront the winter, entitled “Warmth and Peace”, with the participation of a number of media professionals, athletes, advocates and activists.

With this initiative, Qatar Charity aims to reach the displaced and refugees in countries that witness exceptional conditions and face a harsh winter, by providing their winter needs, which are food, heating materials, non-food items, health and education, to bring joy to them.

The launch of the “One Million Smiles” initiative comes at a time when refugees and internally displaced people live in harsh conditions, multiply their suffering, and increase their needs for food, medicine, blankets and shelter, which requires philanthropists to come together and join hands to plant joy and draw a smile on the faces of these displaced persons and refugees who were beset by the conditions of life and their migration from their homes.

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Qatar Charity called on charitable people in Qatar to donate to the campaign and provide urgent aid to their brothers in order to alleviate the harsh conditions they face, and it urged activists on social networks and the public in general to interact with its campaign and support it in all possible ways in order to achieve its humanitarian goals.

And the ways and means of donating and participating in the initiative have been identified, noting that it is implementing the winter campaign in 19 countries around the world, while the value of its targeted projects is more than 66 million riyals, and the number of those targeted is expected to reach more than one million people, depending on the donations and support of philanthropists in Qatar Generous to her.