The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs said that an international organization is been hired to smoothen the procedure of staffing of expat workers.

An official from the Ministry said that they have appointed a Swiss organization named VFC, which will have branches in all nations sending out workers to Qatar. VFC will screen employment prerequisites like document and certificate verification, medical checkupand preparation of work contract in accordance with the Ministry, these work contracts will be exchanged online.

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The organization will begin to work from next month. The purpose of this arrangement is to maintain a strategic distance from change of agreement terms or giving workers false guarantees by companies and this technique will end unfair practices and misuse of workers.

The official added that Qatar has 35 bilateral agreements and five Memorandums of Understanding with 40 nations sending out workers to Qatar. Each year a meeting is held by Qatar, of the joint boards of trustees set up with these nations.

The Ministry led 1,815 scrutiny visits to manpower agencies bringing about the closure of 15 offices and issuance of 182 compulsoryorders for improvement, that makes these manpower agencies under strict monitoring of the ministry.

Keeping in mind the end goal to enhance the observing framework and upgrade the implementation of law, the numbers of inspection inspector is increased to 397 and modern electronic gadgets like the GSP are introduced by the ministry.

While speaking to the media the official said that in 2015, around56,724 field inspections were conducted which prompted to the ban of 929 companies and issuance of 676 compulsoryimprovement orders.

Labor law relating to the residency, exit and entry and the new labor laws have mutually conceded expatworker’sbetter flexibility and job change also accustomed measures that avoid passport appropriation. According to the new law expatsdo not need permission of their bosses as long as they complete the span of the settled term contract.

The Ministry has opened an office in courts for free help for the expat workers in court cases. Workers can file their complaints against their employers through 11 self-service machines installed in government service complexes.

After the new legislature,Ministry switched 2,185 exile workers to different organizations without assent of their past employers. This is additionalto bearing the travel costs of 10,000 workers who went home.