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Sheikh Tamim meets little girl

Qatar’s Emir once again stole the hearts of his people after meeting a little girl who asked for him before undergoing a medical procedure.

According to a Snapchat video that went viral after being shared online by her mother, the girl anxiously asked “Wayn Sheikh Tamim” (where is Sheikh Tamim?) while being put under anesthesia.

A photo of the girl, now smiling and meeting the Emir, was later posted on social media by his siblings, Sheikh Joaan and Sheikha Al Mayassa.

The exact nature of the girl’s injury or why she asked for the Emir remain unclear.

But other photos and videos of the recent meeting have been circulating on Twitter.

Online reaction

Many have responded to the news by praising the Emir for caring about even Qatar’s smallest residents.

When when this little girl was under anestheisa she asked about the Emir of Qatar,

Emir received her today

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