Marketing for the men’s fashion products in Qatar has almost no existence or engagement in social media for the local market. Food and cosmetic fields lead Qatar’s online/social media business accounts, followed by ladies’ and kid’s clothing trade. This is how Don Ataya; Hasan; was inspired to start his page on Instagram to be recognized as Qatar’s first men’s fashion styling page


The page focuses on the dressing style more than emphasizing particular fashion brands, as shopping budgets can be an obstacle to many people that limit their shopping options. Mr. Ataya demonstrates that budgeting is never an obstacle when a guy goes out shopping, and he can make it happen. “I’ve been noticing that many guys lean towards wearing sporty attire rather than casual, as they face many difficulties matching up colors or are limited to a certain budget. Not that there is something wrong with wearing sporty clothing, but the phrase (dress to impress) has almost vanished from the guys’ mindset nowadays in the local community! They miss the great feeling of self-confidence when they’re dressed-up well, whether to go to the mall or a friend’s party.” he stated.“This is what I do, ” he said, “I refine the style and rebuild this inner self-confidence that can be hidden in every one of us”. Hasan has helped many clients shop and choose different attires that each suit certain occasions or places for outings. “I got clients before who desperately needed help changing the dressing style of their husband, friend, brother, father, or even a work colleague! You feel like you’re remaking a car inside out AND that’s the exciting part of it, especially when you see the look on their faces while trying a new color, a different haircut, or a whole new style for the affordable budget they can spend”.

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Lastly, Hasan has mentioned that the Account’s page is fairly new and it is a big challenge to gain people’s attention and interest. Therefore, in order for him to get special deals, discounts, and giveaways for his followers from different stores and shops, he needs solid support and tangible engagement from everyone on his page.
For further business inquiries, he can be reached on his Instagram page ( or via email ([email protected]).