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The Ministry of Municipality and Environment announced that Al-Rayyan Municipality, in cooperation with the “Lekhwiya” Force, continues its intensive field campaigns to monitor violations of the law prohibiting workers’ housing gatherings within families’ housing areas, in implementation of Ministerial Resolution No. 105 of 2020 defining workers’ housing areas within the residential areas and neighborhoods for families, in various Municipal areas.

The Ministry revealed – in a series of tweets on its official Twitter account – that many violating properties had been evacuated, and that the necessary legal measures had been taken against the violators.

The ministry indicated that the campaign was launched a full month ago, and the second phase of the campaign will continue until all violations of workers ’housing within the family’s residential areas are completed.

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According to the ministry’s tweets, Al-Rayyan municipality inspectors wrote a number of seizure records and issued a warning to the violators of the necessity to evacuate the violating property.

Al-Rayyan municipality confirmed that the remaining areas of Al-Rayyan city and its suburbs will be completed according to the schedule agreed upon with the competent departments.

The Ministry of Municipality and Environment calls on citizens and residents to abide by the provisions of Law No. (15) of 2010 regarding the attendance of workers’ housing gatherings and workers’ gatherings within the regions for family housing, as amended by Law No. (22) of 2019 and to vacate all the workers’ housing in violation of the law to avoid legal accountability.