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The British “Daily Mail” site revealed that more than 100 billion messages were sent through the “WhatsApp” instant messaging application, on New Year’s Eve, and pointed out that this large number of messages on the same day is more than any other day in the history of this application Whereas, among this huge amount of virtual messages, there were more than 12 billion images. The record represents a new rise in the popularity of the application, as it continues to spread around the world, according to the “Daily Mail”. According to the British site, the British acquired more than 900 million messages, while the percentage of messages sent from the Indians reached more than 20 billion messages, as the site pointed out that welcoming the New Year and entering into a new contract may make it difficult to break the record number of messages in a day. One is for the future, with New Year’s Eve 2020 a likely candidate. The company said, “WhatsApp”: “