If your life is anything like mine, I am so, so sorry. Between the general malaise and the fact that your many illegitimate children have tracked you down and launched a class-action suit for all the Christmas presents they missed out on, you’re probably having a bit of a rough time. You also probably have a habit of consulting the internet for advice on how to handle your many failings and, in doing so, noticed that the vast majority of life advice being bandied about on social media alongside hassle-free cupcake recipes is total garbage. And a lot of that garbage falls into a few specific categories, such as …


“Travel Or Your Life Is Wasted!”

qatar airways

Hey, have you been traveling lately? No? Well then, fuck you, you ignorant yokel.

Made by HollySt. Augustine never said that, but that’s a subject for another time.

You’ve never backpacked across Nepal with nothing but a Lonely Planet book and your own soul to guide you, you self-centered jerk?

World Wanderista“Travel makes you modest, like me!”

And not only does traveling make you a better person, it’s hard. It’s like having a job!

Pinterest“You have to trust foreigners! And, ugh, learn about them. What a sacrifice!”