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The number of Coronavirus “Covid 19” infections in the world has risen to more than 65.58 million, and the number of deaths has reached 1 million 519 thousand and 213 people since last December, according to a census conducted by Reuters and the French News Agency based on official sources.

After a week of family gatherings on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day, the United States is facing a new exacerbation of the health situation, as the country most affected by the epidemic in the world recorded 279,008 deaths from Covid-19, Friday, more than 2,500 deaths and more than 225 thousand new infections within 24 hours, according to “French”.

US President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration in January is taking place via the Internet based on “expert recommendations.”

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“So it is very unlikely that we will have a million people in the mall,” the 77-year-old Democratic president said, the large avenue in central Washington that leads to the Capitol.

After the United States, the most affected countries are Brazil, which recorded 175 thousand and 964 deaths out of six million and 533 thousand and 968 injuries, India with 139 thousand and 700 deaths (nine million and 608 thousand and 211 injuries), and Mexico with 108 thousand and 863 deaths (one million and 156 thousand and 700 cases) ), And the United Kingdom with 60,617 deaths (one million and 690 thousand and 432 injuries).

The epidemic continues to spread in Italy, after it recorded a record number of deaths for one day on Thursday, which reached 993, the country counted the next day 814 new deaths. In total, the European country most affected by Covid-19 recorded a total of 1.66 million injuries, including 58,038 deaths.

And new restrictions were imposed, including preventing movement between regions between December 21 and January 6, to exclude the specter of a third wave in January.

* Vaccination in Moscow

Moscow has begun a vaccination campaign that includes workers most vulnerable to infection with the Coronavirus in recently opened clinics around the capital, while the number of Covid-19 cases is approaching 2.5 million, the fourth largest toll among countries in the world.

Russia was the first country in August to announce the development of a vaccine, “Sputnik-V”, relative to the satellite in the Soviet era, but before the start of the final clinical trials phase.

In Brazil, shopping malls in Rio de Janeiro were allowed to open their doors day and night to try to avoid overcrowding to buy holiday items, in the midst of a second wave of HIV infections in a country that exceeded the threshold of 175,000 deaths in Corona.