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His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al-Baker, Secretary-General of the National Council for Tourism and CEO of Qatar Airways Group, said that the State of Qatar provides an appropriate environment for doing business and investment in tourism infrastructure. Lots of natural entertainment and we have started promotional campaigns related to culture and inviting everyone to see the unique beauty and the beautiful facilities that exist.


Al Baker added, “We will excel in everything we do exactly as we did in Qatar Airways. We are following a strong strategy and implementing it very well.” There will be huge investments available in the field of tourism infrastructure and this is an invitation to any investor who wishes to come to Qatar. With the aim of investing, as we guarantee him tax exemptions, the possibility of transferring profits, and ensuring his investment itself.

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“Qatar provides a suitable environment for business, which is exactly what investors are looking for, so given that Qatar has great plans to expand the tourism sector, this would provide many opportunities,” Al Baker said. “When airlines around the world stopped their planes, we found that we An opportunity to continue and we decided to reduce our global network of destinations and reduce the number of our flights and stop a number of our aircraft, but we continued to use at least 50 to 60 percent of the capacity available to us to transport passengers and freight alike.


“Qatar Airways has been a pioneer in delivering millions of tons of cargo to all parts of the world, and at the same time we have returned 2.1 million passengers safely to their home countries, so travelers were relying on us after they were stuck outside their home countries and we were the only reliable partner who helped them travel,” he said. “There is a very important thing, which is that we have returned every dollar of the value of the ticket price to the travelers who demanded a refund of the price of their tickets,” Al Baker said. Our.


“The State of Qatar is determined to provide a successful championship for the 2022 FIFA World Cup, and we are also determined to provide the best championship the whole world has witnessed, and there are many stadiums dedicated to the championship already ready and there are only a few under construction and most infrastructure work has been completed,” Al Baker said. For roads, the metro was built and fully operational within record time, and all basic and residential facilities will be ready one year before the scheduled date. In addition, we have started a new expansion at Hamad International Airport only four months ago and we expect the expansion work to be completed on the specified date. By June 2022, so we are ready, Al Baker said, “Our diverse fleet of aircraft gives us the advantage of outperforming our competitors who have only one or two models.