The requirements for job change have been amended on the ‘The Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affair (MADLSA) website with some of the previously mentioned conditioned no longer applicable for changing jobs by expats.

Conditions such as nationality, gender and profession are no longer among requirements for job change approval. Expats were allowed to change jobs only if the new employer had an approval for the position with the same nationality, gender and profession. This clause has now been removed from the website.

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1. Now to change jobs go to ministry website

2. Enter your Qatar ID number

3. Your phone number

4. Enter Captcha


5. Click submit

6. Pin will be forwarded to your mobile number

7. Click validate


8. Home page will appear Employer Change / Leave Country , Worker Notice E-Service

9. Apply for changing employer or leaving the country

10. Attach contract and letter of Arbitrariness or Conciliation Attachment

11. Click Submit


The expat worker must then choose the option of job change or leave country from a dropdown menu and then upload an attested copy of his/her contract and hit the submit button.

If a worker is looking to change his/her job, he/she must submit a request to the Ministry 20 days prior to the end date of his/her contract in case the contract is fixed-term. In case the contract is open-ended, the worker cannot stay less than 5 years in service and the notice period in such cases is 30 days for 5 year contracts and 60 days for contracts of more than 5 years in duration.

The worker is required to attach documents in case of arbitrariness or conciliation and prove it.

As per the regulations:

  • There should be no restrictions against the new employer that would stop the change
  • There should be a notice submitted by the worker 30 days before the contract comes to an end if it is a fixed–term contract
  • If the contract is an open-ended contract, the worker should stay not less than five years in service and notice period would be as follows
    • 30 days, if the duration of service is five years
    • 60 days, if the duration of service is more than five years
  • Target sector (Private Sector)
  • In case of arbitrariness or conciliation , please attach what proves it
  • All applications and approvals are subject to all terms and conditions announced by the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs
  • If you come across any problems or technical issues , please contact the technical support at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs: 40288888