Intersections in Doha will be now armed with new Hi-tech cameras, that will be able to detect many traffic violations. The French brand, Mesta Fusion, can recognize numerous violations, which are generally not distinguished by typical normal speed cameras.

Not only speed and red light signals requirement capacities, Mesta Fusion prepares to many added features on account of the trajectory analysis. This move will help significantly in tightening security control across the country, to ease out vehicle movement and for monitoring traffic violations promptly.

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It can do the normal functions as a customary speed cameras do like distinguishing speeding, violating red signals and so forth, what makes it extraordinary are the additional capabilities like distinguishing tailgating, halting at the yellow box at signals, barred u-turn, wrongovertaking and moving to another lane at intersections.

Mesta Fusion incorporates an intense blend of the most recent technology, a non-intrusive multi-target tracking radar technology and a high-resolution camera performing splendidly well over multiple traffic lanes. This new framework in Qatar can likewise keep an eye if vehicles are spaced out from each other.

A traffic division official from the Ministry of Interior said that Mesta Fusion can take top notch pictures of infringement with high precision and speed. The new framework was disclosed by the traffic department at the Ministry of Interior’s pavillion in the 33rd GCC Taffic Week at Darb Al-Saei.