To protect the rights of the workers Qatar have implemented labour laws and those who are found to be in violation, will be taken seriously by taking strong action against them. In a current case an employer is slapped a fine of QR100,000 by the Misdemeanor court for postponing the salaries of the workers for quite a couple of months.

Court also ordered the employer to pay all the dues of the employees.

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As indicated by the case details, the empoyer was quite regular in paying the salaries of the employees, however from past few months the employer was delaying the payments for some unknown reasons.

The public prosecution found it against the labour law after the investigation and employer was charged with the fine.

According to the labour law the companies are needed to pay the compensation of the employee’s directly to their bank accounts within seven days of the due date.

After hearing the case the court charged the employer and gave an option to the workers to either continue working with the current business or to leave for their home countries. The court also added that the employer is required to bear all the travel expenses of the workers if the workers opt to go back to their home nation.