The case of an expat man who stands accused of misappropriating an amount of QR1.3 million from a local bank is being reviewed by the Court of Appeal. The accused expat used to work as the head of a department at the bank.

Local Arabic daily Arrayah reported that the man had been sentenced to five years in jail, repayment of the amount and subsequent deportation by the Court of First Instance.

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The case file states that the defendant had used the cheque belonging to a client of the bank and transferred an amount of QR1.3 million to his personal account.

The lawyer of the defendant argued before the Court of Appeal that his client cannot be considered as the employee of the bank as he had resigned two days prior to the incident and the bank had accepted his resignation. The defence team also argued that the cheque was signed by the account holder and approved by the bank itself.

The case has been deferred until next hearing.