How to get an Engineering License in Qatar

Some time back, anybody could work as an engineer without any adequate know-how in Qatar.

However, in 2005, keeping the safety and welfare of the public in mind, the state enacted its first engineering licensure.

If you’d like to get licensed as an engineer in Qatar, below are the steps that you could follow about the procedure and the preparation for the exam.

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1- Sign up for Hukoomi account. You will need it later to sign into the MMUP (Ministry of Municipality and Urban Planning) website. You will have to go to the closest post office to submit the hard copy of your ID and sign a form to activate your account.

2- You will need the following documents –

– Valid Qatari ID
– Notarized qualification certificates by the Foreign Ministry
– Experience certificates certified by the competent party.
– Good conduct certificate issued by the State of Qatar.
– Copy of passport
– Curriculum Vitae
– Letter issued by Ministry of Labor stating that applicant doesn’t work at any governmental bodies or ministries or at any public entities (for Qataris only).

3- Scan all the above documents to be submitted online through this link. However, as the website is in Arabic you will need some help from someone who knows Arabic if you don’t know the language.

4- Once you get a call or a message from the MMUP (usually it will take around two weeks from your online submission), visit their office with all your original documents. (Make sure that you take a file like the one shown in the picture below or you might be asked to return back with one).

5- Wait for the MMUP to call you back with the test date (this might take another 2 weeks after you had submitted your original documents). While you wait, you could check this site for some similar questions. You could also go through the NCEES FE Reference Handbook for computer-based testing.

6- Go to the test (you will have 25 questions to answer in 1 hour). Once you succeed it, you will have to pay QR300 and receive your MMUP license immediately!
Source: Qatar Living