09 Apr 2018 – 8:46

HMC Sealine Medical Clinic treats 681 patients

The Sealine Medical Clinic was supported by HMC’s Ambulance Service.

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Doha: Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC)’s Sealine Medical Clinic has seen a total of  681 patients (633 adults and 48 children) during the camping season.  Among them thirteen patients were transferred to the Emergency Department at Hamad General Hospital by ambulance for additional treatment, says a senior official.

Dr Hamid Ghareeb, Consultant at HMC’s Medical Administration Department and Medical Supervisor of the Sealine Medical Clinic, also said that the clinic patients were treated for a variety of complaints and ailments, with 493 cases involving fever, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and cough, and 175 patients receiving treatment for wounds, burns, intestinal infections, and asthma.

Thirteen cases involved severe medical conditions, such as accidents, bone fractures, and heart attacks.

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HMC concluded activities at its Sealine Medical Clinic recently as the camping season comes to a close. This is the eighth consecutive year the healthcare organization has operated the clinic, which began receiving patients in November.

Ali Abdullah Al Khater, Chief Communications Officer at HMC and Chair of the Healthcare Communications Committee,  said HMC operates the clinic each year to ensure medical services, and specifically emergency medical services, are available for residents during the busy camping season.

Al Khater, who is also Project Manager for the Sealine Medical Center, said the annual operation of the clinic reinforces HMC’s commitment to providing the best possible healthcare to campers in the Sealine, Khor Al Adaid (Inland Sea), and surrounding areas.

The Sealine Medical Clinic, was located close to the seashore and popular camping areas, at the same site as the last three years. The location was chosen to facilitate easier access for residents and visitors. The clinic, which operated every weekend during the camping season.

The Sealine Medical Clinic was supported by HMC’s Ambulance Service, which continued to provide campers with round-the-clock access to a team of paramedics and well-equipped ambulance vehicles.

This year the Ambulance Service added two ambulances and two 4×4 emergency vehicles to its operation in the area. During public holidays and weekends, the number of ambulances onsite was increased to six and the number of 4×4 emergency vehicles was increased to four.