Requirements to Obtain Qatar Work Visas
  1. The employment contract.
  2. A duly completed application form from the Ministry of Labour.
  3. A medical certificate proving that the employee is in good health.
  4. A copy of the employee’s passport.
  5. Two passport photographs.
  6. Any relevant educational certificates.
How much is working visa in Qatar?
Visa Fees for Qatar Employment Visa:
Entry Stay Duration Fees
Single entry Normal 90 days 18500.0
Single entry Normal 30 days 7500.0
Single entry Normal 30 days 5500.0
Can I get Qatar visa now?
Visa requirements

Thanks to a host of visa facilitation measures, Qatar is now the most open country in the Middle East. Visitors from all around the world can now enter Qatar either visa-free, or by filling out simple online applications, depending on the passport they carry.

Qatar Work Visas & Permits

When expanding a business abroad, a fundamental part of the job is ensuring you have the right talent setting up and running the operation, and that usually means bringing part of your workforce along. To bring your employees to work in Qatar, you’ll need to obtain Qatar work visas.

Residence and Work Permits

The issue of residence and work permits in the State of Qatar has become easy and simple following the recent amendements introduced by the Government on the Labor Law, which has been marked by having flexibility in protecting all rights of the two working parties. Therefore, you can bring your family, to live with you in Qatar. Meanwhile, your wife can work in Qatar, by registering in Recruitment Department at the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labor and Social Affairs.

The Residency Permit – the basics

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All newcomers wishing to work and live in Qatar require a Work Residence Permit (commonly referred to as an RP) for which they will need a Qatari employer​ (company or individual).

It is typically the responsibility of the employer to handle all paperwork required to obtain the Residence Permit on behalf of the expatriate. When a expatriates first enters Qatar, their employer will arrange for a temporary visa which is then converted to a Work Residency Permit – a process that typically takes 2-4 weeks and sometimes longer. Applicants may not leave the country during the period of visa-to-permit conversion.

The Residency Permit

Once an expatriate receives the Work Residence Permit, he or she can then access many other services, apply for further permits and licenses, sign a rental accommodation agreement, apply for a loan, and the list goes on.

Another key benefit of the Residence Permit is that it allows the worker to personally sponsor their immediate family members (spouse, sons, daughters) to join them and live in Qatar (see Family Residence Visa below).

Work Residence Permits are renewed annually by the expatriate’s employer.

Family Residence Visa – permission for your family to stay

Expatriates can sponsor their immediate family members. Every family member, including infants, must have an individual Family Residence Visa. The Visa can be purchased for a period of 1-5 years and is stamped in each family member’s passport.

Applicants are required to submit a number of documents, including authenticated marriage and birth certificates, no-objection letter and salary certificate from their employer.

Registering as a Working Woman

A woman who is in Qatar on a family sponsorship and who has approval from her husband may register to work without obtaining a separate work permit. Applicants may visit the Labor Department to complete the application process.