All workers in the State of Qatar can change employers without having to first obtain a “No Objection Certificate (NOC)”.

These are the steps to change jobs:

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Workers should notify their employers through the electronic system of the Ministry of Administrative Development, Labour and Social Affairs.

Notice periods

-Give 1-month notice if in your current job for 2 years or less

-Give 2 months notice if in the current job for more than 2 years

 During probation

-Workers should give at least a one-month notice through ADLSA’s electronic system

-The new employer should compensate the former employer with an agreed payment that does not exceed the equivalent of two months of the worker’s basic wage.

Workers will not incur any fees to change jobs

Workers will be entitled to:

-Receive end-of-service benefits from the former employer (if they have been in their jobs for more than one year)

-Be paid for any due annual leave

-Collect their pay in full during the notice period

-Obtain a new QID and health card (to be arranged and paid for by the new employer)

If there is a non-compete clause in the employment contract, the worker will not be able to change jobs within the same economic sector for a period of one year after leaving the job.

If the employer has failed to fulfill his/her legal obligations, the worker will not be bound to observe a notice period in order to change jobs.