Applying for a work permit in Qatar

To obtain a Work Residence Permit, you need to supply a series of documents and undergo a medical examination.

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You must submit a passport and good conduct certificate from the country that issued the passport. In addition, you need to send a certificate providing evidence of academic qualifications, which must be translated into Arabic.

When you supply documents they must be certified by your country’s embassy and provided to the Qatari Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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To complete your application you will need to book a medical examination, which will test for hepatitis and HIV. The results of the test will be sent online to the Criminal Evidences and Information Department. Finally, you will have your fingerprints taken.

Costs of work permits in Qatar

A Work Residence Permit in Qatar can be quite expensive. However, the good news is that your employer will usually pay for it on your behalf.

Qatar entry visa

The employment entry visa to get you into the country costs QAR 200. There is a further fee of QAR 500 to convert this to a Work Residence Permit.

The costs of other visas are generally around QAR 200, as stated earlier.

Changing or renewing work permits in Qatar

Your employer can renew your work permit for between one and three years through the government’s Residence Services portal. Approved employers have Qatari Smart ID cards which allow them to apply online.

Applications to renew a permit can be made three months before the current one expires. The fees are as follows:

  • QAR 1,000 for employees sponsored by companies;
  • 500 for family sponsorships (for your spouse and children);
  • 300 for employees on personal sponsorships.

Those renewing visas for three years can benefit from a 20% discount on the above fees.

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