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Welcome Qatar they say is the most valuable domain and website for Qatar. The nomination of Qatar to host the FIFA World Cup 2022 gave birth to the idea for the website, given the opportunities it presents for the country. Attracting the attention of the entire world, the world cup will encourage international business investments, help the hospitality industry to flourish and encourage cultural exchange between Qatar and the rest of the world.

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Given the nature of this marvellous event, a number of international companies will wish to invest in the country, bringing their own personnel. For this reason, there is an absolute necessity for a great source of information, giving investors accurate accounts of the happenings in Qatar.
The vision for this project was to create the most resourceful website for the country of Qatar and the following is a short account of the content:

  • 56 categories (approximately 760 pages)
  •  Potential for development and updating
  • Answering such questions as “what potential business can the website generate?” and “How well is Qatar represented to the rest of the world?”
  • Potentially a source to be used as the Qatar “yellow pages”, containing useful links and contact information.

With the future looking even brighter Qatar, the country being on the verge of great industrial advancements, there is a great need for an English website helping those in need of information. Unfortunately, most references online are not in English and therefore discourage curiosity. In this day and age, most people searching for information on the internet seek easy access and WelcomeQatar will provide the necessary information under one roof with ease. This was a brief summary of what the website has to offer and its vast potential. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further inquiries.

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