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Qatar Airways has advised its customers that, starting from July 27, all its flights will be temporarily moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 5 at London Heathrow Airport. On the other hand, Qatar Airways has indicated that it is currently operating flights to 29 destinations in Europe, including Prague. Brussels, Oslo and Amsterdam, and confirmed the carrier that it applies the highest standards of safety and sterilization with a service for passengers, a luxury dining experience on board flights so they can travel safely.


Qatar Airways said that it attaches the highest priority to the safety and welfare of travelers, noting that it has worked in the past period to train its employees to follow the latest sterilization protocols and cleaning procedures, whether aboard flights or at its operations headquarters at Hamad International Airport.

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His Excellency Mr. Akbar Al Baker, CEO of Qatar Airways Group, said: “The Covid-19 pandemic is undoubtedly a dark phase for the global aviation sector, but Qatar Airways has confirmed its strength and resilience by helping thousands of travelers to return to their countries, in addition to transporting supplies. Basic medical supplies free of charge and donate aid to needy countries. “

Al-Baker said: “Hamad International Airport is a destination in itself, and as soon as you pass through Hamad International Airport, you will immediately realize that you would like to visit it again and again, and added:” The facilities we provide at this airport are unparalleled and when the expansion work is completely completed, no doubt. It will dazzle all of its visitors, ”Al Baker said,“ Qatar Airways and Hamad International Airport complement each other, where we have cooperated to implement many safety measures to protect travelers, including enabling travelers to complete travel procedures without touching, using advanced technology for thermal examination, providing gloves, a medical mask, and face shield. ” And sterilizer owes all travelers.