20 May 2018 – 9:08

Ministry of Education prepares prospective students for QSST

The participating students at the training programme.

The Peninsula

DOHA: Fawzia Al Khater, the Ministry of Education’s Undersecretary for Educational Affairs, visited ScorePlus Qatar, a renowned education training provider affiliated with The Princeton Review USA, to meet the Qatar School of Science and Technology’s inaugural class, who have nearly completed a joint training programme between the Ministry of Education and ScorePlus.

ScorePlus, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, is preparing 80 candidate students (of whom 60 will be shortlisted) in mathematics and science reasoning to support Qatar’s aim of furthering its world-class educational system in STEM courses.

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ScorePlus senior faculty member and program manager, Steven A. Williams, extended his wishes for the future success of the students, who will play a vital role in Qatar’s future.

Addressing the students, Al Khater stated that the aim of the program is to enrich students with the knowledge and skills to assure them access to top universities across the globe and shape a generation of researchers, inventors, and thinkers in Qatar.

Furthermore, speaking with ScorePlus’s country head, Pradeep Singhal, she expressed appreciation for and satisfaction with the instructional quality provided to the candidates and thanked ScorePlus’s teachers and operational staff for developing and implementing the training program.

The Qatar School of Science and Technology is scheduled to open at the beginning of the academic year 2018-2019. It is a secondary school for boys and includes grades 9 to 12.The candidates will be selected from the eighth grade students who are excellent in science and mathematics.

The school aims at providing a high level of education based in line with the development of the education sector in developed countries, in order to graduate students who have the scientific basis that ensures enrolment in the top universities in the world.