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The legendary world champion Nasser bin Saleh Al-Attiyah left Doha with his French navigator Matthew Bommel heading to the German capital Berlin, from where he will leave directly for Poland to participate in the “Baja Poland”After the return and resumption of the international championships, as the Albaha World Cup Desert Rally Championship 2020 was canceled or postponed due to the outbreak of the Corona pandemic (Covid-19) around the world, and the race will be held during the period from (5-6) September 2020 AD, The aim of participating in Albaha is to continue in world championships, especially after the cancellation of the Moroccan Saharan Rally, and the world champion calendar is full of many international and European participations, as he will participate in a local rally in France during the period (19-20 September), followed by his participation in the local Rally of Catalonia in Barcelona on the date (25-26) September, and he will also participate in the Andalusia Rally, which will be held during the period from (6-10) next October, instead of the Moroccan Saharan Rally, which was canceled due to the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), and these participations come in preparation for the Dakar International Rally 2021.

A strong comeback
in a special statement to Al Sharq Sports, “Nasser bin Saleh Al-Attiyah confirmed his happiness at the return of sports activity in the field of rally championship, and that he is ready to participate in Baja Poland, and he has conducted intensive training in preparation for the upcoming championships.
He added,“ I am in the longing to compete in the rally competition, As I am not accustomed to stopping for a long time, due to the Corona pandemic (Covid-19), and I will do my best in order for the return to be strong, God willing, and to shine in the tournaments, and I am most eager to climb onto the coronation podiums. ”
He continued:“ My great goal is to aspire to victory. The upcoming Dakar International Rally in 2021, so focus is on participating in international tournaments.