The Ministry of Economy and Commerce (MEC) held in a statement that a vehicle will retain its warranty even if some of its parts are damaged, due to repair work done at a third party workshop.

The statement also adds that warranty cover for the affected parts can be lost in such cases. That means, an authorised distributor can cancel the warranty on the affected parts if it proves that the damage has been caused by the work done at an independent workshop and not at the dealer’s service centre.

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MEC however highlighted the advantage of this process, noting that it could lead to curbing any unreasonable or unjustifiable hike in prices and service charges, due to a competition in the market between the approved garages and the distributors.


Moreover, the workshops would be able to offer all maintenance services and works as provided by those of the distributors, giving consumers the freedom to choose the place where they want to get the required periodical maintenance or repairs conducted without losing or undermining their right to the warranty cover, reports Gulf Times..


Thus, the consumers have been advised by the MEC to keep invoices and bills for all maintenance and repairs done at the approved third-party workshops for any future references.