NHRC Secretary General: Human Rights Indivisible

Doha, November 13 (QNA) – National Human Rights Committee (NHRC) Secretary General Maryam bint Abdullah Al Attiyah said human rights are undividable and awareness must be raised about guarantees to ensure the respect of workers’ rights and pointing out the role of national institutions and civil society groups to protect these rights.
Al Attiyah urged world countries to shoulder their responsibilities to ensure people enjoy their rights equally in line with law.
She made the remarks during a speech given on her behalf by Sheikha Jawhara bint Mohamed Al-Thani, head of the programs and education at NHRC, during a workshop for national human rights entities under the theme of workers’ rights, which started Sunday with a joint organization between the Doha-based Asia Pacific Forum’s regional office and NHRC with the participation of affiliates of national human rights institutions in labor-exporting and receiving countries.
Al Attiyah said hosting the regional office of Asia Pacific Forum resembles NHRC’s commitment to its regional partnerships and effectiveness and productivity, adding that attracting the forum consolidates the culture of human rights and builds professional and proficient institutions in the region.
She added that the two-day workshop aims to enhance and develop the capacities of those working at national human rights institutions by raising their awareness and educating them on the guarantees that can ensure the rights of workers in addition to means of protecting those rights regionally and internationally. (QNA)