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Qatar is expected to be one of the first countries to benefit from the Covid-19 vaccine, which was produced by the American company Moderna for biotechnology, which was declared effective by close to 95%, as Moderna signed with Qatar, Canada, Japan and the United Kingdom, not to mention the 100 million doses promised by the states United in August.

 On Tuesday, Moderna determined the preference of countries that will receive the Corona vaccine, which is expected to obtain marketing permits from the United States, Europe and other authorities in the coming weeks.

Stephan Bansel, president of the American biotech company Moderna, warned the Europeans that extending negotiations to buy doses of the Covid-19 vaccine threatens to slow deliveries, while other countries are given priority because they took place months ago.

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“We are in discussions, but we have not yet signed a contract,” he told AFP from Cambridge, Massachusetts, where the company is based. Bancel announced already “advanced discussions” with the European Commission on August 24 to purchase 80 million doses of the vaccine, but no firm commitment has been signed since then.

“Ten million doses are expected to be available before the end of November, and” we will have 20 million doses by the end of the year, “said Stefan Bansel.

These twenty million doses will be allocated exclusively to the United States. Moderna has also been preparing the supply chain for several months with the US government to deliver doses once the US Food and Drug Administration approves the vaccine, a decision expected in December. The goal, Bansel said, is for Moderna to be able to “load trucks and go” as soon as it gets the green light from the Food and Drug Administration.