Qatar offers full support to Jordan in safeguarding safety & security

Qatar has expressed its full support for the measures taken by the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan to safeguard security and stability in the city of Salt, northwest of the capital Amman, in which four security men were martyred.
In a statement on Monday, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reiterated Qatar’s firm stance rejecting violence and terrorism, regardless of motives and reasons.
The statement affirmed Qatar’s full solidarity with the Jordanian government and its support for any measures taken to maintain its security.
The statement offered Qatar’s condolences to the victims’ families, and to HM the King of Jordan, the government and people of the kingdom.
Suspected militants who killed five members of Jordan’s security forces over the weekend are Jordanian citizens who support the ideology of the Islamic State group, but don’t have proven links to foreign funding or foreign extremist organizations, officials said on Monday.
The assailants had hoarded large quantities of explosives that were apparently intended for attacks on civilians in public places and on security installations. The explosives”were ready, on timer, and could be detonated immediately,” government spokeswoman Jumana Ghuneimat told reporters.