VISA – Visitors International Stay Admission is a permission that every individual need to have when traveling out of the country. It is valid for a particular period. Some countries also gave visa-free entry to some other nationals or got a tourist visa at the border. It is a temporary authority to stay in any other country. Normally is pasted/attached to a passport. This authority document is issued by the country you are going to visit.

Also, a visa has the holder’s bios. Still, the passport and visa’s main difference is the passport is an official document issued by the holders’ national government and the visa by the country he/she is willing to visit.

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Once you plan to go to Qatar for work or even for visit purposes, you got your visa from any agent or office. It is always advisable to check the visa is original or fake to avoid any scam or fraud.

The good news is that now you can check a Qatar visa online on one Ministry of Interior Qatar website.

Note: Whatever the interface you see, follow this path at the MOI Qatar website (Home > MOI Services > Inquiries > Visa Services > Visa Inquiry & Printing)

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Step – 1:  Go to the MOI Ministry of Interior for Qatar website by Clicking here for the English version of MOI Qatar.

Step – 2:  Now, you will see the below screen (You may be different as the website is updating); go to “Inquires.”

You will see screen like this once you will go to MOI website

Step – 3:  Go to “Visa Services” in the MOI Services tab, as you can see below.Go to Visa Services

Step – 4:  Click on Visa Inquiry and Printing in Visa Inquiry TabClick on Visa Inquiry and Printing

Step – 5:  Now, you can choose by Visa Number or by Passport Number. In the below picture, I have tried to check a visa via Visa number. Fill the verification code before clicking the Submit button.

Select by Visa Number or Passport Number

Step – 6:  If you see this kind of window below, your visa is fake and is not valid to enter Qatar. MOI online system cannot find any record against your visa or passport number. Make sure to recheck with your agent or office again. Sometimes the MOI system may down, so make sure to recheck after some time.

A Fake Qatari Visa

Step – 7:  Great New if you see a visa like below. It means it is a valid Qatari work visa. Confirm all the information any bio as yours. Now you can print your Qatari visa for your records.

Proper Work Visa for Qatar

Step – 8:  But if you see a visa like below, that means that your visa is only for a tourist, and you cannot work in Qatar.

A Tourist Visa for Qatar

This is how you can easily check a Qatari visa to avoid any hassle at airports or borders. This is how you get Qatar visa inquiry & printing. Visa inquiry for Qatar was never that simple, and hence the number of frauds by the agents has been decreased exponentially.

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What information can I get from MOI Information Inquiries?

You can get a lot of queries solved from the Ministry of Interior Qatar online portal like

  • Check Visa’s approval and tracking.
  • Check Visa Enquiry and printing.
  • RP application tracking and printing.
  • Check Officials Documents.
  • Check Traffic violations.
  • Traffic report.
  • Exit permit application form.
  • Exit permit inquiry.
  • Airport entry permit application form.

Why my visa is invalid at MOI?

There may be any reason like

  • Your visa is not issued yet
  • Your agent is issued you a fake visa
  • You got a duplicate Qatari visa

I am an Indian, but my visa is showing Bangladeshi?

It can b a system error. Could you report them?

I am an Engineer but my profession displaying here a Labour?

Ensure you get a visa for an Engineer, or else you will get very fewer benefits from Qatar.

What is Qatar Visit Visa Price?

It totally depends on how long you want to stay there. Just make sure to inquire at the official site and avoid any agent or estimations.

How can I track my Visa status?

You can track the same as an above process, like canceled or used.

What are Qatar visa requirements?

It depends on what kind of visa you are looking for, like a visit, work, business, etc.

What is mentioned in the Qatari Visa?

You will find the information on a valid visa like, Picture of the visa holder, Nationality, Passport Number, Description of Visa Owner, Gender, Visa type- for work or visit, Travel Index, Stay Duration- like 1 year or 3 years Date of issue, Visa Validity, Visa Status- Valid to use. Passport Validity, Date of Birth, Profession, Sponsor Name, etc.

If I go on a tourist visa on my Car, how can I check Traffic Violations there?

Yes, you will be fined even if you are a tourist. You can  check here Traffic Violations in Qatar