ruby vasquez murder

A Los Angeles woman lost her three-year-old daughter on Monday after the child was allegedly stabbed to death by a co-worker of the woman. According to a report by MyNews LA, the disturbing incident happened earlier this week in the downtown Los Angeles garment district. According to the report, the child, later identified as 3-year-old Ruby Vasquez was allegedly attacked by an individual identified as Ricardo Augusto Utuy. According to officials investigating the incident, Utuy was a co-worker of the victims mother at an organization located in the 800 block of McGarry Street, near Eighth and Alameda streets.

According to Los Angeles Police Department Sgt. Moses Castillo, the incident happened at around 5:15 p.m., local time on Monday. Ruby was visiting her mother at her work place and was standing right next to her when she was attacked by Utuy who stabbed the girl and fled. Ruby was quickly transported in a car by her parents who were met on the way by emergency responders. However, by the time the ambulance reached the hospital, the little 3-year-old had already breathed her last. Ruby Vasquez was later pronounced dead at the hospital, confirmed Castillo.

Meanwhile, a manhunt was launched for Utuy, who had fled the spot immediately following the stabbing. A few hours later, he surrendered at the LAPD’s Rampart Station following which he was arrested on suspicion of murder. Utuy is a 34-year-old Guatemalan national and was newly hired at the firm where he committed the murder. Officials have confirmed that the victim’s mother did not personally know the accused. They have also confirmed the fact that Utuy had a criminal history. There are also questions being raised on the mental state of Utuy as well as his current immigration status. Most importantly, officials are also trying to establish a motive behind the crime. As of now, it seems that the young girl was stabbed to death for no apparent reason. Other workers from the establishment have told investigating officers that the victim’s mother and Utuy barely knew each other and that the two had minimal contact with each other. Besides, Utuy was hired just two weeks ago. The workers however also added that they had experienced unusual behavior from Utuy. According to one of his colleagues, Utuy was on several occasions seen laughing and talking to himself – which made them believe that there was something mentally wrong with him. However, none of his co-workers expected something of this nature to occur.

“We still don’t know the motive. They didn’t know each other and the suspect had only been there for about two weeks,” sergeant Castillo told reporters.

According to Castillo, Ruby was dropped off at the mother’s workplace by her father who had picked her up from her daycare earlier in the day. Minutes before the incident, the little girl was getting ready to get back home with her mother. This, according to Sgt Castillo was a routine affair.

Meanwhile, Utuy is being currently held on a $1 million bail, according to the sheriff’s online inmate records. Investigators are also seeking help from the public who may be able to provide them with some clues that may lead to a breakthrough and establish a motive behind the crime. If you happen to have any information about Utuy, please help the detectives with the Abused Child Section of the LAPD’s Juvenile Division at (213) 486-0586. After-hours and weekend calls should be directed to (877) LAPD-24-7. Anonymous tips can be submitted through Crime Stoppers at (800) 222-TIPS.