Saudi woman arrested for taking off her abaya in public in riyadh


saudi woman arrested for taking off her abaya in public in riyadh

Saudi capital police reported in Riyadh that they arrested a Saudi woman for a charge of removing her veil (Abaya) in the middle of the city and taking pictures in daring mode. The pictures were taken near to main Riyadh Street in a huge public crowd. This Saudi woman posted her picture on Twitter publicly. This picture without veil became viral on social media which got the attention of the Riyadh police. The Saudi woman was standing next to a famous Riyadh cafe.  Saudi Police spokesperson, Fawaz Al-Maiman, did not mention the woman’s name who provoked a strong backlash by posting her picture without the veil (Abaya) on Twitter.

The Abaya is the most important requirement for a woman in Saudi society which represents the Saudi culture and values. It is necessary to cover the head in the Kingdom for every woman. It is a law. Police spokesman, Al-Maiman, gave a statement about the Saudi capital police’s role in this issue. The action was highly effective according to him. Police in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is fulfilling their duties by monitoring violations of general ethics and morals practiced in Saudi society.  This Saudi woman was in her 30’s. Fawaz Al-Maiman also added that the other reason to detain her was her way of talking boldly and openly about relations which are not permitted or allowed with non-related men. Saudi women broke the law which was applied in the Kingdom.

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The Kingdom of Saudi-Arabia is a purely Muslim State and is also called birthplace of Islam. The Kingdom is rich in Islamic history and culture and a center of every Muslim around the globe. After her bold tweet, so many people re-tweeted as a reaction which made the original tweet go viral and created a campaign in social media. Although, on social media many social media users hold different views and voted that the issue was not actually about the woman who went out without her Abaya but the main issue was her going out in public without wearing abaya and then tweeting openly.

The abaya, more commonly called in Arabic abaya, is the traditional black garment women wear over their clothes in various Muslim countries, particularly in the Gulf states. The abaya covers the whole body of Muslim women except the feet, hands and face. It can also be worn with a face veil. Posting pictures and videos on social media are very common these days.

People use social websites as a platform to get name and fame. Being a social media user, we should post good and positive things. It’s a responsibility imposed on every social media user to spread, post, exchange and share positive values and vibes for a country and give it a good name.  Be it a citizen of this blessed Kingdom or just an expatriate; we must follow and respect Saudi rules and regulations and try to share the good image of the Kingdom on social media.