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His Excellency Sheeh Jassim bin Jabr Al Thani, Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry revealed the method of pricing goods, pointing out that only basic and consumer goods are the ones that the state interferes with in their pricing, as he revealed that the number of complaints in 2020 has reached more than 12,000 due to the Corona pandemic He highlighted the role of the new Trade and Consumer Affairs Prosecution in the rapid adjudication of commercial cases.

His Excellency Sheik Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani said – in an interview with Qatar TV on Tuesday – during the past years we have put forward many initiatives to educate the merchant and the consumer of their duties, rights and laws in which they practice the commercial environment.

He explained that it is among the consumer’s rights to keep the invoice, guarantee and services he receives, to guarantee the provider for these services, and to claim his rights with the responsible authorities, indicating that in 2008 (the date of issuance of the Consumer Protection Law) we used to reach 200 complaints per day, and by the end of 2020 we reached more than 12,000 A complaint, and this is attributed to the consumer’s understanding of his rights, in addition to the circumstances that occurred such as the Corona pandemic and the inability of some merchants to perform some services.

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On the Trade and Consumer Affairs Prosecution, the Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs said that the Trade Prosecution is the fruit of cooperation between the Ministry of Commerce and the Public Prosecution, and is an advanced step to support the investment environment to speed up adjudication of consumer protection and commercial cases.

His Excellency stressed the importance of having a specialized prosecution office that has cadres who are knowledgeable and knowledgeable about trade affairs, which leads to speedy adjudication of cases, thus achieving deterrence and restitution and also processing files professionally, which in turn supports the investment and business environment and the rights of consumers.

On price control, His Excellency Sheik Jassim bin Jabr Al-Thani explained that there is a general list of free prices whose determination is subject to supply, demand and the market, but the prices in which the state interferes are some basic and consumer goods, and the price is determined by specialized committees, indicating that the state It interferes with pricing because these commodities are of relative importance to the consumer in his daily life.

On the ministry’s vision to protect the national product, the Assistant Undersecretary for Consumer Affairs at the Ministry of Trade and Industry emphasized that the national product during the period of the blockade and the Corona pandemic received great attention from the state, and we put some decisions to distinguish the national product, by showing it correctly and putting it in the forefront in sales outlets and reducing the percentage of services Which is charged by the sales outlets on national companies, thus increasing the doubling value of the merchant, highlighting the phrase “Qatari product” on it, and presenting various offers on it.

He added that there is a partnership with the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and other ministries on the basis of supporting the national product of agricultural products, fish wealth and seafood and reducing the percentage of services to sales outlets and thus achieving profits for the national product, pointing out that the national factories have created great diversity for the consumer and he has a product with quality and competitive prices. .