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Summer camps line up activities to keep children engaged

Picture from the social media of Engineering for Kids Qatar.

By Amna Pervaiz Rao | The Peninsula

DOHA: With the start of summer vacations in schools, various timely tailored enjoyment cum education packages by summer camps are attracting parents and children alike who think that these activities prove as energy booster for children.

Numerous schools and entities are offering various activities for children at various summer camps to keep children active in healthy activities. Whereas, few of them are teaching interesting subjects to educate teens and kids according to their interests.

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An organization Engineering For Kids Qatar (EFKQ) has brought Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) for kids ages 4 to 14 in a fun and challenging way through summer camps.

Engaging STEM lessons promote problem-solving, critical thinking and cooperative learning. At Engineering For Kids Qatar, children are introduced to engineering concepts through activities like building rockets, battling robots and even programming their own video games.

Talking to The Peninsula,Moureen Rahman, Managing Director at EFKQ said: “Our summer camps are filled with innovative and enjoyable activities related to engineering for kids. We are done with our first week program, the next week program starts on July 1 which will continue for five days. Second week program has two sessions; morning session will be held from 10am to 1pm and afternoon session will be held from 3pm to 6pm. The morning session is for kids aged 8 to 14 in which they can enjoy the space information and will be given ‘Astro Points’ on their performance.

Whereas the second session will be about medieval defense for kids aged 4 to 7.”

“These sessions will continue for eight weeks till August 16. Summer camp charges are weekly QR1000 and monthly QR3600. Our camps are capacity-packed, fun-filled and imparting challenging hands-on learning experiences. This year one can stimulate their child’s natural curiosity for learning at Engineering For Kids Summer Camps,” Rahman added.

Another camp, Crystal Summer Camp located in Al Thumama offers twelve exciting activities for kids during this summer. An official at Crystal Summer Camp told The Peninsula that the camp was excited to host summer camp for the second year, after conducting summer camp successfully last year. “This year we have twelve activities which include, Classical Dance; Western Dance; Classical Music; Yoga; Keyboard; Violin; Guitar; Drawing; Kalarippayattu; Art Crafts; Karate and Kusruthikoottam.”

First batch will start its session on July1 and will continue until July 31 and the second session is set to start on August 1 till August 30. “This summer camp concludes with a final day trip to Jungle Zone. The kid can choose any four courses out of the twelve courses. Monthly charges are QR550 wile additional QR200 are charged in case of availing transportation facility.”

As soon as the summer vacations start parents start finding some suitable summer camp that can organise their children’s free time in a constructive manner. Few parents register their children beforehand in summer camps to avail all the exciting activities for their kids.

“Summer camps are energy boosters for kids during this vacation. Me and my husband make sure children enhance their skills during vacations. These enjoyable yet knowledge-imparting activities help them built their confidence and encourage them to participate and shape up their personalities,” said a mother of three sons.

Most of the summer camps are being conducted indoors due to the weather conditions in Doha. All safety precautions are among the main factors which parents take care of before choosing any camp for their kids.
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